During the 2020 pandemic, many challenges must be faced by the automotive industry, such as declining sales numbers during the lockdown period because the ability of people to buy new vehicles has not been maximized, the closure of industry in China has resulted in a lack of supply of components to industries around the world, including in Indonesia, spare-parts price increases due to expensive raw materials are affected by the dollar exchange rate. In addition, the high price and scarcity of masks, hand sanitizers, infrared thermometers and disinfecting spray equipment also hinder production and sales activities in the midst of a pandemic, even though these are urgently needed to run health protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Besides, the biggest challenge comes from the tightness finance or leasing companies in providing credit to consumers and the people's purchasing power. Funding from banks also see which sectors provide little risk. Therefore, the possibility of purchasing a new car is quite difficult. The challenges also come from physical distancing policies implemented by the government. Related to the government's appeal about working from home or work from home (WFH), some non-production employees have not been able to implement it due to limited facilities, such as the unavailability of laptops at home.

Due to physical distancing, the most effective way is to do everything digitally. The implementation of lockdown and physical distancing in various regions in Indonesia has caused many consumers not to leave the house and use digital to access their needs online. Thus, industries must start shifting consumers from offline to online in order to maintain sales prospects.

Some digital strategies that are appropriate for the automotive industry are such as maximizing remote selling, virtual events; maximizing digital advertising such as on social media, and maximizing chatbot, so your customers can contact you 24/7 via chat or text on both your website and Social Media.

Author: Ajeng Laras Phitaloka (Sr. Account Executive)