Let’s look at the last 6 months, did you see any ups and downs in digital marketing trend? As we and any other people in the globe know that internet and social media has become part of people’s life, particularly for Indonesian. As mentioned on We Are Social Digital Report 2019, Indonesian people was driven into a digital native behavior right now. Almost 56% / 150 million people of the total population was internet active & social media users. Through these facts, we can say that digital connectivity has changed almost all aspects of people’s life and this data has used by most marketers to drive more efforts on digital marketing.

Change will always happen in digital marketing, thus so much talks and discussions around this hot topic. By the rise of personalized content marketing that brings relevancy for each person, marketers should deliver right content into the right person. For the example, Marketers or agency should understand who the target audiences and talked with them more properly. 

The rise of virtual assistant

Currently, digital trend has come out with new communication channel, voice search, smarter chat, personalized email marketing as well as AI & VR which successfully drive engagement from audience and drive their great user experience. And also, there is still a room for live videos, personalized email marketing, rich lead profiling and browser push notifications still become a digital trend nowadays.

When we talked about the hottest digital transformation trends, the rise of virtual assistant become the answer. Virtual assistant or well known as chatbot playing critical role to improve the customer experience and help marketers to offer real time assistance for the customers and helping them to solve their problems more quickly.

For instance, Toyota has been released Tarra (Toyota Interactive Virtual Assistant) this year to improve their customer experience. Customers will log in into LINE, WhatsApp & Facebook messenger and asked to request assistance of their problems or get more Toyota’s product information. This kind of innovation helps clients to solve their customers relationship management with dedicated support, 24-hours. This kind of innovation should be stand still on the trends because of the usability and the impact into brand CRM.

Get maximum ROI through digital marketing

All of this transformation lead to the same goal, to generate ROI. The question is: what is the best digital marketing formula to generate the most ROI? When we talked about ROI of digital marketing there are so many things to be considered. There is no such as 100% guaranteed digital marketing strategy that generate maximum ROI, Marketers should understand the current situation of the client and build strong digital marketing strategy.

To maximize ROI, you should consider to implement four significant strategies of digital touchpoints:

  • SEO & Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Social Media Management (SMM)

When you already have great combination from right technology, right distribution channel to right audience targeting, these combinations bring high percentage of brand trust and bring high percentage of ROI as the result.

However, this is not an easy task, marketers should build a framework for business sustainability. Started from discover, define, deliver and ended with strategy, we can measure the intended outcome or key performance indicator (KPI). Digital transformation is a massive task, especially for larger, established company. When you done in the right way in exceeding customer expectations, your business will grow fast and resilient in this fast-moving digital era.


Author: Farhan Fauzan (Sr. Media Specialist)