Nowadays, technology has been transforming professional sports into digital. It can make clubs’ value higher and strengthen their engagement with the fans. It also has changed the sports fans’ behaviour. Today, they could use their smartphone or other devices to support their favourite team digitally. Modern tools like social media, website and mobile applications can make their fans easier to receive sports event information. Moreover, they can stream the on-going match. The application also includes up-to-date information about the upcoming match schedules, results, players, clubs and sports leagues. Furthermore, fans’ experience might be enhanced by new gamification features, one of them is fantasy games. 

Sports fantasy game is a type of game where fans can create their virtual teams, which consist of the real professional player to play the game with their own planned strategy. This gamification feature becomes fans’ favourite, especially for fans who like to analyze the performance of each player. The professional sports clubs should use this fantasy game as a digital tool to strengthen their fans’ loyalty. These are some features that can be developed in fantasy games application:

  • Virtual teams

Virtual teams represent the statistical performance of players in real-life matches. This statistical performance is converted into a point system representing each player in virtual teams. When the important players from a user’s fantasy team are playing, they’ll be more inclined to watch the match.

  • Quizzes and challenges

Creating a quiz or challenge can increase interaction within the application and it can be a good indicator of their fans’ knowledge.

  • Rewards and Badges

Users are more motivated if the game offers rewards and badges for completing a certain type of task. It can be an additional motivation for them to take on the next challenge. Those features can be combined with progress display to gain more attention to achieve their goal.

  • Leaderboard

The leaderboard feature is another feature where users can see how they compare with other users. It will encourage them even more to continue the task.

  • Referral and share system

Referral and a share system are some of the best strategies for increasing amount of sports fans.

These features can create unique gamification experience in fantasy games and can encourage sports fans to come back and play the games again. Moreover, it can be a great way to engage new users or fans to try fantasy games based on friends’ referrals and recommendations.

Fans loyalty is the main thing that is very important to every sports club. Some of the variables that are used to identify fan loyalty levels are trust, fans demography, achievement, and competitive reason. Fans have to develop a certain level of trust in their own favourite team before they can become loyal. When sports fans engaged with fantasy games, they will build intimate feelings with their fantasy games club much like fans do with their favourite sports club. A reward and badge feature in fantasy games also can be a good way to make them feel rewardable for becoming loyal fans. So in conclusion, fantasy sports affect the sports fans’ experience more convenient and more pleasant, which leads to increased fan loyalty and better engagement between fans and teams. 

Author: Noor Maulida (Technical Manager)