For the last decade, world of business and retail has given us an historic change until now. Even before this pandemic, a lot of transformation has happened to retail section, from offline to online transaction. Even more, there is still a big turn in e-commerce during this global pandemic due to the users’ changing shopping behavior. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused hospitality industry irreparable harm but on the other hand, it has put e-commerce growth on the fast-track mode.

Now, e-commerce as a key sector for digital business will affect business growth in society. Concerning this adaptation, retailers should realize what kind of challenges that they will face for their e-commerce during COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, they should find and measure the best practice to improve the effectiveness of e-commerce for this global pandemic. Then, what are the challenges that e-commerce is facing and how to improve e-commerce effectiveness during COVID-19?

The challenges for e-commerce:

1. Logistic

Have you ever experienced bad delivery service from your online purchase? Well, the online buyers must undergo some issues of delivery system such as long time period of waiting the arrival or difficulty of monitoring delivery tracking. This is because the COVID-19 pandemic has been adding some issues for logistic operation during ‘lockdown’. First, some local governments command lockdown to dangerous area. Second, logistics service partners are facing hardship to reach some areas which far away from the capital city.

2. Less demand items

There are many sectors in business which severely affected by global pandemic situation such as fashion and beauty retail, electronic, automotive, et cetera. This effect inflicts many certain items become less demand due to COVID-19 situation such as formal clothing, cosmetics, smartphone, and many more.

3. Operational agility

Operation is the most important part of e-commerce system. During work-from-home instruction and work-from-office limitation, operational team who is responsible in preparing user purchased item must conduct fast movement from ensuring the payment, collecting items, packing and delivery to user with limited resources.

How to improve the e-commerce effectiveness:

1. Partnership with delivery service

Concerning about the delivery issue in e-commerce system, there is one way to improve it, make partnerships with some delivery services. Retailers who want to fix logistic issue must define which logistic services suit the best to the business model. Choose logistic partners which are already with wide range and good system to help user track their items.

2. Expanding pandemic item demand

Some item you sell might be affected by this global pandemic and may become less demand items. However, retailers still have a chance to improve the effectiveness in selling by expanding their items that highly demand in the pandemic. For example, retailers in fashion and beauty sector which is severely affected should think about selling mask and hand or fabric sanitizer. Retailers in electronic sector should consider about selling air purifier products than smartphone. That way, those products may become the highest sales due to the consumer’s demand in the pandemic.

3. Rapid execution

With fast purchase mechanism in choosing payment method and delivery, e-commerce platforms should have rapid execution as well in preparing and deliver user items in order to give best experience to users, which conduct online purchase. E-commerce should conceive the most effective way in resource allocation during government regulation about work limitation.



By knowing all the challenges and how to improve the effectiveness of e-commerce during this pandemic, the e-commerce will surely be able to take those challenges and turn them into opportunities and make a great sales. But still, the retailers should assure that the solutions they implement will work to their e-commerce platform. So, how to measure the effectiveness on e-commerce? Here’s how! First, they have to frequently check their platforms’ traffic, whether they sell high-demand item for their business in this pandemic. Second, they should regularly observe the incoming complaints from the customers about their service. User review is one of the most crucial aspects for ecommerce to have customer trust, so retailers should maintain customer satisfaction in online purchase.

Author: Ira Saridewa Rinjani (Account Manager)