SDN 8 Sakti Nusa Penida Bali is one of the primary schools in Bali, located in some of its remote areas. Limited access to education support such as reading materials, teaching aids, and internet networks makes it difficult for them to obtain an appropriate learning environment. However, all these limitations did not dampen the enthusiasm of SDN 8 Sakti Nusa Penida Bali’s students to keep learning and dreaming. Suitmedia as a technology-based communications company has a social responsibility to help create equal access to technology in the community. Suitmedia sees the urgency of providing educational support at SDN 8 Sakti Nusa Penida Bali, namely in order to support the process of formingstudents' abilities in accordance with the demands from time to time.

Educational support has been provided by Suitmedia in the form of laptops that have been filled with educational videos, multimedia DVD’s from Zenius, and one USB flash drive with job-related videos in it (in collaboration with We hope that this form of assistance does not only foster their spirit of learning, but can also facilitate the process of introducing and forming aspirations for students of the SDN 8 Sakti Nusa Penida in Bali.

Suitmedia has also provided moral assistance for the students of SDN 8 Sakti Nusa Penida Bali through love letters written by several employees of Suitmedia : Martina (Senior Account Executive), Ira (Associate Account Manager), Icha (Senior Human Resources Officer), Erwin (Software Engineer), and Dimas (Software Engineer). These love letters consist of their support to all students of SDN 8 Sakti to reach their dreams and to keep being focused on learning about the things they love.The love letters are full of personal touch because the employees wrote it by hand, with their own personal styles. That way, the students will receive a wholeheartedly-written love letter. These love letters will then be replied by the students from SDN 8 Sakti Nusa Penida Bali in response to the support given by Suitmedia.

The idea of assistance and support came from Suitmedia's awareness to make technology a part of everyday life so that people can have wider access to internet in order to increase their knowledge and develop themselves. The support provided by Suitmedia to the students of SDN 8 Sakti Nusa Penida Bali is one of the first steps to arouse their enthusiasm and desire to dream and aim higher while introducing various types of jobs with promising prospects for their future.In short, Suitmedia tries to help them find their passion by providing alternative ways to educate. Suitmedia believes that education is powerful, as we quote from Malcom X. himself: “Education is a passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”