Ramadan is a holy month where people make a reflection and devotion through fasting. It’s also a time where people make more connections with their family and friends near and far. In recent years, Ramadan also becomes a month where people spend more time online.

Based on The Makings of Meaningful Marketing: Ramadan 2020 Indonesia by Facebook, 90% of Ramadan observers in Indonesia use the Facebook Family Apps. It explains that most people spend more time on their social media during Ramadan. As we know that Ramadan is a perfect time to gather with our family, yet at the moment, we need to do the physical distancing to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, social media is one of the easiest ways to connect with our loved ones like our family and friends, and silaturahmi is going online nowadays.

These trends also create a big opportunity for brands to promote their brand or products, particularly through social media. To make your Ramadan campaign stand out, here are some formulas that Facebook gives us:

  • Think bigger: Ramadan is not only happened in Indonesia but also in every country and it becomes a global moment. It is a large opportunity for businesses to serve customers who want to shop across borders.
  • Be where it matters: Shopping on social media becomes a new habit instead of directly come to the store.
  • Master mobile storytelling: Most people are using their phone for their activity, so we need to make sure that our campaign is mobile optimized
  • Take advantage of technology: Let technology do the work for you to improve efficiency and you have more time to focus on strategies and creativities. This is important especially during Ramadan time that other competitors also increasing their campaign activity on social media.

In carrying out the Ramadan campaign, there’s one strategy that you can’t miss out, namely, teaming up with influencers and digital content creators. A survey shows that 49% worldwide have discovered holiday gift ideas from influencer and it is more attractive to grab customers’ attention.

Approaching the end of Ramadan, we will see a glimpse of Eid al-Fitr ‘celebration moment’ where the influencers and content creators share their plan on Eid al-Fitr tradition, food, and fashion. This moment can be the peak of your Ramadan campaign where you can level up your strategy to win costumers’ hearts.

Author: Martina Pradita (Asc. Account Manager)