We have always thought that millennials are deeply attracted to things that are visually beautiful or aesthetic. However, it seems that these millennials are breaking their widely known stereotype and are fascinated by podcast, an episodic series of digital audio files. Podcast was originally brought up to public by iPod users, and the name “podcast” itself was a combination of the words “iPod” and “broadcast”.

This phenomenon is already happening in the U.S since 2017, and it has also spread to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, as reported by DailySocial in the year 2018. According to DailySocial, millennials are interested in podcast because its content is so diverse, flexible, and easier to enjoy than visual contents.

Although millennials are very keen on entertainment-themed podcasts, they also enjoy other genres such as technology, education, and lifestyle. For millennials who crave for inspiration and motivation to get up and be on their way to success, Spectrum Talks is here to feast on.

Spectrum Talks is a podcast created by us, Suitmedia, meaning to spread a broad range of insights about business, technology, and entrepreneurship to its audience. The guests we invite to Spectrum Talks are generally business leaders, varying from corporate companies to tech start-up businesses.

Episode #1: Fajrin Rasyid – Co-founder & President of Bukalapak, Former CEO of Suitmedia

Discussing about the process of continuous learning, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and conducting the most effective startup finance strategy with Fajrin Rasyid. Having graduated as a cumlaude with a GPA of 4.0 from ITB, Fajrin Rasyid is now the president of Bukalapak, one of the largest e-commerce company in Indonesia. During his college years, Fajrin has been chosen as one of the brightest student in ITB to attend the most prestigious student exchange to Daejeon, Korea. Not to mention his amazing achievements such as SWA’S CFO of The Year (2016) and Satyalancana Wira Karya (2019), an award for an Indonesian citizen who proves to be an extraordinary asset to this country. 

Episode #2: Diajeng Lestari — Founder & CEO of HijUp.com

Discussing about how it is like to live a life as a woman entrepreneur, building a great community engagement, and product branding with Diajeng Lestari. After graduating from University of Indonesia and working as a Market Research Consultant, Diajeng Lestari is currently the CEO and founder of HijUp.com, the largest muslim fashion e-commerce across Indonesia. Together with her husband, Achmad Zaky (the founder of Bukalapak.com), she started her own business from scratch to success. Ajeng has also received an award as The Iconic Women 2018 because of her success and thrive in the business world.

Episode #3: Nugroho Herucahyono — Co-founder & CTO of Bukalapak, Former CTO of Suitmedia

Discussing about programmers' life balance, software architecture, technical scalability, and engineering culture with Nugroho Herucahyono (Xinuc). Known for his elite coding skill, Xinuc – an ITB graduate, has established Bukalapak, along with Achmad Zaky. Currently served as CTO of Bukalapak, Xinuc talked about his work-life balance and tips for the younger generation.

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