In Indonesia, there’s a significant increase in shopping activities during Ramadan, such as shopping for groceries to make special meals for suhoor or traditional desserts for takjil, also buying new clothes to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Indonesians simply shop and buy more over Ramadan and they’ll use their smartphones more than they do at any other time of the year. When people have free time, they tend to start their online activities, mainly to shop in their favorite e-commerce.

The dramatic increase in e-commerce shopping activity during Ramadan means that e-commerce companies must implement their best strategies to maximize sales, taking advantage of the increasing trend. To maximize sales, e-commerce companies need to understand what products are most sought-after during Ramadan. Some of the most popular product categories during Ramadan are food, fashion, and gifts/parcel.

People will also be more interested in purchasing from e-commerce that gives attractive offers, such as purchase discounts, bundling promos, and shipping costs discounts. E-commerce companies also should know the trends of people's online time in Ramadan to place promotions at the right time. This month, peoples’ activity in online shopping increases because they wake up earlier to eat suhoor and there is a time between suhoor to morning activities, as well as in the afternoon when they are waiting for iftar.

Improving the shopping experience is one of the keys for e-commerce companies to stay on the top. Rearranging product appearance and making the most sought-after product to be highlighted on the main part of the homepage can create a better shopping experience. Moreover, highlighting the special offer during Ramadan can improve usability in e-commerce, so that users can easily get the product and make purchases quickly. Improving shopping experience also gives additional milestones for e-commerce companies at the end of Ramadan and the start of Eid al-Fitr when e-commerce’s traffic is on the peak.

Author: Sekar Arum Lestari (Sr. System Analyst)