2020 world’s economics are having a significant decline in almost every sector of business due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Food and beverages business as one of those economic sectors were being pushed to adapt and innovate in order to survive the harsh condition of economic decline. Social distancing and advice on limiting outdoor activities from the government made the food and beverage business owner change their marketing strategies into more online based services using social media.

Social media is a huge community with a very wide and quick spread reach on its own, and that makes one of the upsides of using social media or any other online platforms to promote the business. By using social media, business owners can adapt to the limitation of outdoor activity by online ordering. Business owners can also get direct feedback from the customer using an online feedback system. Using the speed of information spread on social media, business owners can also push their marketing and brand awareness and widen their reach. For now, using social media as a promoting media effectively and efficiently could quicken the growth of the food and beverage business.

According to data from Facebook about "Digital Commerce for Restaurants" there are three stages of customer buying food and beverage products: discovery, purchase, and loyalty. Discovery means to drive awareness of your unique food selections and promote ways in which your customers can purchase and connect with you online. Purchase means driving customers toward purchasing food. Loyalty means increased brand loyalty by providing personalized value.

There are some points that need to be known in order to use social media as a promoting media effectively:

  • Customers loved food and beverage with more added value than just ‘to satiate hunger’. Aside from asking consumers to buy their product, the business owner should give more information about the added value of the product in order to raise the customer trusts of the product and the desire of repeating order.
  • Content with a wide variety of topics should be uploaded consistently. Consistent upload helps widen the reach of social media. Use interesting design accompanied with unique points that represent the business’ brand in order to be specifically known.
  • Customers’ trust reviews from the food bloggers on social media or any other online platform that they use. Each and every customer needs to be convinced before they decide to buy a food or beverages product online through social media. Food and beverages business can work together with the food bloggers or influencer with a huge following that aligns with the market target of its business.
  • Utilize the Ads Services of the social media. The utilization of the social media ads helps the targeting of the ‘would be’ customers and even widen the reach of your ads.

Since the food and beverages businesses have decided to use social media as their online promoting media, choosing the right social media channel is such a crucial thing. Another data from Facebook about "Digital Commerce for Restaurant" explained, there are 83% of customers decide where to eat

Lastly, proper research and development are needed in the process of choosing the right social media. As even if the product becomes viral, a further research is still needed in order to use the channel effectively and pointing right at the targeted market of the business.

Author: Febrilia Endah Kurniawati (Digital Media Specialist)