In politics, campaign advertising is the use of an advertising campaign through the media to influence a political debate, and ultimately, voters. These ads are designed by political consultants and political campaign staff. Many countries restrict the use of broadcast media to broadcast political messaging. In the European Union, many countries do not permit paid-for TV or radio advertising for fear that wealthy groups will gain control of airtime, making fair play impossible and distorting the political debate in the process. But, right now we are living in this new era of digital and technology. With its technology and digital media, TV and radio is not as trendy as years before. For these past couple of years, the stakeholders are starting to show their political movement through social media. In the upcoming election, there are no doubts that the political campaign will be implementing the digital advertising in their campaign strategies.

With the increasingly rapid development of digital and the influence of the digital world in shaping people's opinions or views today, digital advertising is one of the key weapons in shaping their point of view. This learning is in line with the algorithms owned by several major media platforms regarding the comparison between organic reach and paid reach during a campaign, which most of the unique reach covered by paid reach. So, that's why a digital advertising strategy in political campaigns is also a sufficient consideration to achieve a large effect in a quite short period.

In the current trend of the digital world, audiences will also be smarter in sorting out the information they should receive or not. So with this situation, in a political campaign, we need to create a strategy that can attract audiences subtly, where mostly, this will affect the timeline in political campaigns, which are often quite a long process. Because in political campaigns, we need extra time to be able to change their opinions about our political views through our political campaign strategy.

For example, we can start our political campaign strategy with social media optimization using some key opinion leaders to create a conversation about our main topic in this campaign. And at the same time, we can also use all of kind digital advertising to get a better unique potential reach who we can invest some time later.

To assess a campaign's success, we can measure it from the benchmarks and targets that have been calculated at the beginning of the plan. Similar in political campaigns, we can judge them based on the conversations of the related topic that happened during our political campaign on offline and online situations.

Besides that, we also can analyze the comparison between our results and competitors based on data we have during the political campaign.

Author: Nur Setyo Permatasari (Sr. Digital Operation)