Businesses from all corners of the world have digitalizing, including the mobile realm. Mobile applications increase business revenue and have become a necessary part of everyone’s life. said the share of mCommerce in all e-commerce is expected to rise to 72.9% by 2021. also said mobile wallet payments have grown by over 80% over these 5 years. That is the reason why business owners are showing interest in custom mobile application development services for their business.

The benefits that mobile application offers to business is immense and very interesting to know. Some of the benefits that can be obtained from using a mobile application can be summarized in the list below:

1. Accessibility

An app allows you to offer your customers unique features, accessible right from their fingertip. It can also provide your team with a new challenge to continually expand and innovate your products that can be accessed by the app. More people will like to be interested in using your app and finding information about your business. 

2. Engagement

The benefit of a  mobile app that it serves to enhance the customer relationship in a great way. Each update on the products and services will reach the customer fast and directly. With the app the business can receive feedback on the products and services from the customer and take appropriate steps to improve customer satisfaction.

3. Collecting data

Mobile app can help the business to do an expansion by collecting data on new prospects. This can be done with the help of forms and surveys in the app itself. Use this data to personalize your product and services. Your customer will retain to use it.

After knowing the various benefits that can be provided by using mobile app for a business, maximizing the use of mobile app is a further step that needs to be done. This step can be started by knowing things that potentially become the biggest trend in mobile app development in 2021, as shown in this following list:

1. Remote Working & Education App

Covid-19 pandemic made people work remotely and students get online education from home. Working people need applications that help collaborate, communication, and boost productivity. In 2021, usage of the mobile app will raise,  people will need things like task management app, online meeting or conference app, chat, and email app.  Students also need an education app that can help them to get a chance to access education everywhere.

2. Mobile e-commerce

Mobile app for ecommerce businesses have made the shopping experience even more convenient. People can easily find & compare the products that they want. In Pandemic,  the use of m-commerce activity is growing day by day. People need to buy daily needs, fashions, until electronics from home with a handheld app. And said by 2021, the world’s m-commerce sales will make up for 53.9% of all e-commerce sales. 

3. On Demand App

On-demand app are helpful for people who have to manage everything on their own. People can order food, deliver things, pay monthly expenses with an on-demand app. The usefulness of this mobile app increased a great deal, especially during the pandemic. People can fulfill their needs from home. In 2021, the usage of the on-demand app will still raise and become a daily usage app.

4. Mobile payment & wallet

To make ease of use for transactions, mobile e-commerce and on-demand app offering option of payment through mobile wallets. Mobile payments support contactless payments via their customer’s smartphones. The Increasing m-commerce and on-demand app make mobile payment more trendy.  

5. Advanced mobile App: AI, AR, VR, IoT, or Beacon

Besides the above applications, an advanced mobile app will be the trend in 2021. Such as the integration of chatbots and AI in applications is also improving their capabilities. Machine learning can be implemented to identify objects that are scanned with the camera & predict users’ behavior. The mobile app using VR and AR technologies are creating unforgettable experiences for mobile users and helping companies in increasing sales. IoT makes multiple devices connected over the net and can be operated through a single mobile app. Beacon or Bluetooth low energy applications help people detect & engage your offline business. In Pandemic it also can be used as a contact tracing app.

2021 will soon arrive, the Covid-19 pandemic has not been completely resolved. It is very likely that the situation caused by the pandemic during the past one year will not change significantly. This condition will certainly have an impact on the trend of mobile apps in 2021. One of them is the implementation of various health protocols, this is can affect the use of mobile apps, such as:

1. Physical Distancing & Stay at home

The practice of physical distancing means staying home and away from others as much as possible to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. That new adaptation makes people mobile apps to help do daily activities, from work or get an education, interaction virtually, shopping, until fun activities. So people need collaboration apps, communication apps, and education apps for working or studying from home. The usage of on-demand apps & mobile e-commerce will be increasing in 2021. People also need entertainment apps such as movie or music streaming apps, social media apps, and games apps. Virtual Reality also can be an option for people who want to travel using a virtual tour.

2. Contactless

When the businesses reopened, they had to adapt to the new normal of physical distancing. Contactless payments have emerged as an essential solution for all businesses as it enables them to drive their business forward along with ensuring safety to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The usage of mobile payment and wallet apps will increase to provide contactless payment.

3. Healthcare Services

In recent times, COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of online healthcare services. Remote solutions play a key role in enabling healthcare providers to offer services without putting clients, patients, and healthcare professionals at risk of infection.  A mobile application that provides access to safe and convenient healthcare from their homes. The telemedicine app will help to consult with doctors, get prescriptions, and online reservations when needed to visit a hospital. AI also can help to identify disease from current data.

From the above-mentioned trends, mobile applications are going to gain more features and functionalities, which in turn will improve user experience especially during pandemic situation.

Author: Ardian Franindo (Technical Director)