Social media is a powerful marketing tool for e-commerce. Social media serves a vital purpose in online marketing by helping companies establish stronger web presence, generate leads and increase traffic. The use of social media has witnessed rapid growth over a time with several people making purchases through it. Many businesses have opted to take advantage of the opportunities presented by social media networks to obtain more customers. Not only to convert the followers into customers, but also to engage more closely with your customer and build a sense of community.

To boost sales and traffic, we can take benefit by using social media marketing for e-commerce. A well-structured social media strategy is important for improving the development and growth of an e-commerce business. There are some ways to optimize social media as a marketing tool for e-commerce. Most social media like Facebook & Instagram already have some features that could support marketing activities for e-commerce brands to upscale and boost their sales or drive traffic to their website. Such as:

  • Use Live Facebook or Instagram to promote direct products on your e-commerce website. This Live feature that already exists on Facebook and Instagram could be used to engage with your customers by creating some interesting topics for example like unboxing some of product or product review.
  • Social Media Ads (Facebook and Instagram Ads). You should also invest more on Facebook and Instagram Ads for example to boost your special content that brings up your special offers, discounts, and big event like 11.11 or 12.12 Shopping Day
  • Shoppable Instagram Post. This Instagram feature gives easier information to customers to get information about your products price and link to your website/mobile app directly to purchase.
  • Enhance your content creation. One interesting example we can see is from TikTok. Some e-commerce brands already create interesting content with collaboration with TikTok influencers to create simple engaging content like "Cheap Room Decoration Item", "Skincare Routine Check" that will link the product to the e-commerce as the purchase platform. On Instagram some e-commerce big brands posted interactive content like quizzes, polls, surveys and any other creative post just to remind that they will have a big discount event 11.11 indirectly.
  • Don’t forget to always put your e-commerce link on your social media bio (use linktree)
  • Collaboration with KOL and also big brands that registered as an official account to promote your big event 11.11 Shopping Day on their social media to get wider exposure.

Aside from implementing social media strategies, we also have to consider on customer behaviors. A lot of customers’ behaviors are changing during this pandemic. As we may know this pandemic has made most of us convert our way to shop to almost fully digital. Since going to a physical store is still not an option during this pandemic situation, e-commerce will be the great alternative way to shop for this upcoming holiday season (Christmas & New Year).

So, what kind of social media strategies that we can use for this upcoming holiday campaigns on e-commerce during COVID-19? We can see how this upcoming holiday event might be quite different for us to celebrate caused by this pandemic. But, by using the right strategies in social media, e-commerce brands will still be able give a good holiday spirit & shopping experience through their platform. Creating a mindful and informative content with special themes on social media about how to celebrate Christmas & New Year safely and secure during pandemic, gift ideas for Christmas that could relate with items that must be needed during COVID-19 will be very engaging. Big discount, promotions, free delivery like 11.11 shopping day event and boost it using Ads also can be used by e-commerce brands as a strategy during pandemic.

To maintain sales and traffic, we have to set a strategy after the holiday campaign ends. We can set a new campaign right after the holiday campaign ends. We can create a new campaign for example a new campaign for New Year resolution after the Christmas or Holiday campaign ends, by again giving a special clearance discount or special price and highlighting some product that will help customers to achieve their new year resolution. Going out to the customer with new looks, a new hashtags, new umbrella message or even a new layout design background of your feed post on Instagram could be considered as a strategy to attract customers to re-visit your e-commerce.

By implementing social media with all of those well-structured strategies, your e-commerce will stand out among the competitors. Furthermore, you can boost your sales and have the broader audience.

Author: Nia Anggriani Azis (Account Manager)