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2019 - 2020
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Challenges: Application to track physical distance at PT Astra Daihatsu Motor

PT Astra Daihatsu Motor or commonly abbreviated as ADM is the Sole Agent Daihatsu car brand holder in Indonesia. ADM is the only company which has the right to import, assemble and manufacture Daihatsu branded vehicles in Indonesia. ADM is a joint venture company between Daihatsu Motor Company and Astra International that has existed since 1978. Daihatsu vehicles are fully distributed by Astra through the Daihatsu Sales Operation Division which has 137 sales networks in throughout Indonesia, where 71 sales outlets are direct branches of Astra.

The corona virus pandemic has changed a lot of aspects from our lives. We have to always practice physical distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, etc. It also has impacted most of companies’ culture, such as working by following a lot of health protocols, working in shifts, or even working from home. The call for social distancing has echoed loud since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Many speculate that it’s one of the trends that’ll continue even long after the virus is under control. Therefore, ADM want to practice good workplace distancing so ADM can rein in the pandemic. It means they will turning to a workplace physical distancing app to help maintain 6 feet of space at all times.

For ADM, it is worth looking at how they work and what possible safeguards they offer employees in the workplace and as the result, they want to create an app for tracking the people physical distance at a healthy, safe, and comfortable workplace in the new normal era.

Solution: An easy app for the best working environment

To realize the idea of the app tracking, Suitmedia – a digital agency specialized in developing mobile application - teamed up to create this app called WECARE. It is an ADM company internal specialized application to deal with the search contact in the ADM office area. It aims to do physical distance between employees to follow the new normal protocol for the sake avoiding COVID-19 by maintaining a safe distance in public areas.

This application must be used when in the office area every day. By activating Bluetooth and GPS, this application can tell if someone being too close (in the matter of distance) with other people and there will be notification appears. Then every employee is also obliged "Healthy Self-Assessment” / Early detection in the covid-19 risk self-assessment which is given through several questions about health checks against the viral symptoms of the disease. To complete the app, we came up with the main features include:

  • Contact Tracing Alert: a notification of physical distance between users in a radius of less than 1 meter to 2 meters.
  • Healthy Self-Assessment: Early COVID-19 detection test with asking several questions surrounding the health examination.
  • Articles: Socialization to prevent COVID-19 by serving updated information and articles about COVID-19
  • History Interaction: users’ interactions history list for the past 21 days
  • Help: a user manual, FAQ, privacy policy, and contact

With all these great features, it will be surely help the ADM employees to maintain their distance during working hour. But, we also have to make this app practical in order to make the user comfortable with using the app. So, we create it with a simple user flow, light color choice, and a simple design, make this app is easy and fast to use for daily.

Result: a safe workplace for higher productivity 

The existence of this app surely is the most effective way to minimize the spread of the virus by keeping the social distance, so it will create a nice and safe working environment. Therefore, it will make the employees have higher productivity at work. With 500+ downloads and high rating, it shows that the employees are satisfied with app who can make they feel safe when working.