AirAsiaGo Indonesia
2012 - 2015
Creative Campaign, UX & Market Research, Social Media Management

Challenge: How to create ways to jumpstart the brand's presence through social media

AirAsiaGo Indonesia (AAGO) is one of the online travel portals that has the fastest growth in Asia. It delivers a wide choice of hotels, activities, and travel that can be suit with every budget and every needs. To create a long-term position in the marketplace, AAGO faced the challenge to increase its brand awareness and make social customer engagement a priority.

Solution: A strong online presence through interesting and integrated campaigns

Suitmedia positioned AAGO as a warm travel advisor who constantly gives the latest information about traveling, so customers will know the best choice about where to stay, where to eat, where to go, and where to shop. We implemented this concept through an activation campaign using a microsite. We also utilized its social media account to sell flight and hotel packages that can be ordered via AAGO. These are a few of AAGO campaigns that have managed by Suitmedia:

AAGO: Telusur Nusantara

This is a campaign to make travelers more interested to explore the beauty of Indonesia. We wrapped it up in a microsite that was containing a glimpse of the Indonesia exotic travel destination. This microsite has attracted people who want to explore more about the diversity of Indonesia culture, local food, and its tourism. In this campaign, we reached 6.4k Visitors, 6.1k Unique Visits, 7.7k Page Views, 75% Retweeted, 13% Mentioned.

AAGO: Facebook photo contest

Suitmedia helped AAGO to create a marketing campaign through a photo competition. The participants had to upload thematic photos to their Facebook and the winners will be selected based on ‘Likes’ amount. Why Facebook? Again, Facebook still becomes one of the most powerful platform in increasing brand awareness and in creating a new market for the brand. This photo contest helps to increase AAGO brand awareness by gaining 105k fans reach, 1905 new likes, 10k page views, 105 contestants, and 218 photos upload.

AAGO: Travel bloggers meetup

"The More We Share, The More We Know". AAGO Travel bloggers meetup is an Indonesian travel blogger gathering event that was held in Comma ID, Jakarta. This event was very helpful to increase brand awareness by building relationship between travel bloggers and fans of the AAGO. The bloggers have increased AAGO brand awareness through articles about AAGO high-quality services.

AAGO: Mall roadshow

AAGO needed to expand their connection to its customers by delivering Mall-to-Mall Roadshows in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali. The idea of this activation came up to increase sales conversion through offline activities and supported by online (social media) campaigns such as quiz and real-time posts.

AAGO: Media gathering

In order to get to know each other better on a personal level, Suitmedia held a Media Gathering that was very important for the company to have a good relationship with different media outlets. Media Gathering is one of the PR activities to support launching of the new AirAsiaGo & Telusur Nusantara website.

AAGO: Make up room challenge

What would you imagine if you see a bedroom set along with a super king size in a box of a car? Yes, Suitmedia made a campaign ‘Make a Room, Please!’ as an offline contest that also supported by its social media posts. This challenge has succeeded to increase brand awareness of AAGO to their new potential customers.

After we did all the campaign and activations, AAGO Facebook fans has increased by 171K fans. We also gained more 12K followers to its twitter account and 3K followers to its Instagram.