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Challenge: How to manage unorganized APL digital services available

PT Anugrah Pharmindo Lestari provides world-class distribution, digital, and commercial services to support the growing healthcare needs in Indonesia. APL offers a range of integrated and customizable digital solutions to fulfill the evolving technical needs of clients. At the present time, APL has many APL Digital Services that are available for clients. Unfortunately, the services are still scattered and unmapped. This causes clients meet the difficulties to find the information about APL Digital Services, sometimes they only know APL Digital Service from word of mouth or during the meeting or connection. This also gives an impact on the awareness of APL digital because the information is unorganized making the goals of these digital services are not optimal.

As a result, a great strategy is required to optimize the digital services' purposes. APL needs one platform as one-stop-solution to manage all APL Digital Services for introducing all the services and information to clients, make it easier for clients to access the service, to increase client stickiness to APL, and also as a medium for interaction between clients and APL & disseminate APL related information.

Solution: Creating a one-stop-solution platform consists of all digital services

Suitmedia has finally developed a portal platform as a one-stop solution to manage all APL Digital Services and become a suitable medium for interacting with their clients. This platform contains all digital services needed. Both the clients and APL stakeholders can easily access the portal to explore available features. Developing a one-stop-solution portal can help APL engage more with their clients and make a bonding relationship between them. Clients also can get some knowledge about their needs related to healthcare and help APL stakeholders manage their services and disseminate information to their clients in one place with one click.

Result: More optimal and integrated APL digital services management

As a result, this one-stop platform makes it easy to manage APL's various digital services. Currently the portal developed by Suitmedia has been used by several APL users/clients both to interact and to access information. With this platform, APL's digital services are well organized, making it easier for clients to use the health care services provided by APL. It also enhances the relationship between APL and clients, increases awareness, and supports their digital service goals more optimally.