2021 - 2022

Challenge: How to create a portal that is user-friendly and makes it easy to use all applications in FFI

PT Frisian Flag Indonesia (FFI) is a dairy-based nutrition company that produces and distributes nutritional products. Frisian Flag Indonesia is also widely known by some people as the "Susu Bendera". In short, Frisian Flag Indonesia is an established company that has been operating and providing the nutritional needs of Indonesian families since 1992. As a large and established business, Frisian Flag Indonesia has a lot of applications for helping its business process be more efficient and effective. Over time, Frisian Flag Indonesia needs a portal as a gate for the users to access those applications based on their needs. For developing the portal, FFI needs great UI/UX in the form of a system prototype to ensure the portal is user-friendly and helpful for anyone.

Solution: Combines research and design updates in terms of user experience

To achieve the aspiration of a useful and user-friendly portal that makes it easier for FFI to access various required applications, it is necessary to improve the user experience of the FFI Portal for target users. The way to do this is by conducting research and designing user experiences. This method can be applied in several integrated steps, such as: making plans, executing research and analyzing research results, then based on the findings of the research, creating the prototype design. Lastly, test the effectiveness of the prototype design that has been made with potential users. This step was taken because we want to analyze and design FFI Portal's prototype with a great User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX). And we want to know where users have difficulty with the UI/UX design or where the UI/UX design could be improved, before it goes to a development process where revision or fixing is harder to execute.

Result: Create a design that is pleasing to the UI/UX, user-friendly, and able to accommodate all the needs of the FFI application.

The designs and wireframes were formed that not only had a good and pleasant UI/UX, but were also user-friendly and able to accommodate all the needs of the FFI application. Furthermore, the design and wireframe were implemented as a frontend by Suitmedia and integrated with the FFI technical team.