FFI - Task management
Web Development

Challenge: Improving awareness & activities regarding risk, consistency of control implementation, and control monitoring in FFI

Within a quarterly period, R&C must assess ±50 ICF control numbers as implementation of BPO within 2 weeks. In the evaluation process, several control executors (PIC BPO) provided the evidence of inadequate control implementation (delay, incomplete, had no knowledge about the required evidence, etc) wish is also due to limitations of time and energy. Inconsistently control implementation potentially impacts the increasing financial and operational risk which resulted in inadequate assessment of the FFI which also led to a lack of target achievement from corporate regarding FFI ICF compliance score.

Regarding the internal audit function, R&C has to follow up the status of implementation of audit recommendation (ISR) to auditee (BPO). The current resource number and other R&C activities (cover the audit universe, ad-hoc project, advisory project, corporate program) impact to delay on follow up the ISR status which is crucial and important to monitor the identified risk that is already mitigated by BPO.

Solution: Building efficient and systematized webapp to facilitate task management

After we understand the needs of the client, we decided to provide solutions that suit the client. The task management website applications which includes several modules, including:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Assignment and Task
  3. Master Data
  4. Role and User Management

The menus above are recommended by Suitmedia to answer client needs regarding management tasks, assignments, to approvals and reminders. In the web application, users can also add other users and set what menus can be accessed by these other users.

Result: The appropriate webapp solution given to manage and monitor all activities

Several challenges have been covered with suitable solutions given by Suitmedia which is an FFI Task Management (Digicam) webapp that has been used by internal FFI to manage assignment, tasks, and monitor all activities carried out by the R&C Department. It has helped build collaboration and create a good control environment in FFI between R&C, BPO, BPO PIC, and FFI Director.