Grha Kedoya Hospital
2022 - 2023
UX & Market Research, Development Consultation

Challenges: Grha Kedoya Hospital Strives to Enhance Online Presence and Optimize Patient Appointments

Grha Kedoya Hospital, a part of the Emtek group, seeks to enhance its online presence and improve patient appointment procedures. The hospital aims to implement a state-of-the-art website to ensure seamless appointment scheduling. The proposed website will incorporate all the features present in the EMC Hospital website, a prior successful project developed within the Emtek group. The existing website for Grha Kedoya Hospital has been found inadequate in terms of both appearance and functionality, posing challenges for users attempting to make online appointments. As a result, Grha Kedoya is committed to rectifying these shortcomings and delivering a user-friendly and efficient platform for online appointment management.

Solutions: Enhancing User Experience by redeveloping Grha Kedoya Hospital Website and System

Suitmedia offers a comprehensive solution for the redevelopment of the Grha Kedoya Hospital website. They have successfully transformed its overall appearance while also modernizing its system. The primary objective of this undertaking was to enhance user experience by enabling secure and user-friendly appointment bookings, as well as facilitating easy access to doctors' schedules.

Results: Grha Kedoya Hospital's Seamless Online Appointment System Empowers Patients and Streamlines Services

Grha Kedoya Hospital has experienced a significant shift in appointment practices, as users have enthusiastically embraced the convenience of making appointments online through their website. This seamless digital solution has empowered patients to schedule their visits efficiently, contributing to a more streamlined and accessible healthcare experience. In conclusion, the development of online appointment bookings at Grha Kedoya Hospital signify a transformative change in healthcare practices, demonstrating the hospital's commitment to providing cutting-edge services that prioritize patient convenience, efficiency, and accessibility.