IDX – Portal Edukasi
2021 - 2022
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: An educational and community app to improve capital market literacy

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is a stock exchange based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was previously known as the Jakarta Stock Exchange before its name changed in 2007 after merging with the Surabaya Stock Exchange. The effect of this merger is not just a change of a name, but also a stock representation that will accommodate and develop all Indonesia economics. They strive to herald a new era in the continuing growth of the nation’s capital market.

Speaking of growth, at least in the last two years, the information and activity about investing in Indonesia are increasing very rapidly. The high interest in investing must be accompanied by good literacy and proper education of the capital market. Therefore, the investors should be occupied with a more improved capital market literacy and inclusion in the wider community.

However, these ideas are still scattered without a special platform that acts as a portal for these contents, therefore IDX makes a lead to plan Investor Education Portal, called a Learning Management System (LMS) for capital market education that is easily accessible to all Indonesian society.

Solution: Data gathering and creating a strategy to shoot the target market

IDX has collaborated with Suitmedia several times in the past. For this challenge, we decided to research the current digital ecosystem, future portal users (which are Indonesia's investors), and the portal of stakeholders to gain insights that could be used as a consideration to formulate the Grand Design and Digital Marketing Strategy.

With those ideas, we created some digital strategies that are derived from previous findings from data gathering and created the strategy from the whole perspectives, business goals, user needs, and ecosystems first. Turned out, here are three digital strategies we came up with for IDX Investor Education Portal Project needs:

  1. Data gathering through qualitative and quantitative research. Because we want to know more about user perspective / What people think and need about investment education in Indonesia both qualitative and quantitative that are related with the problem summary on this project.
  2. Analysis of the data that has been gathered to create a formulation of the Grand Design for the Investor Education Portal, and also map the development and utilization from the year 2022 to at least five years afterward.
  3. Create brand name, brand strategy, digital product strategy, and digital marketing strategy as to how the outcome of the research said, to fit the profile as well as shoot the target market.

We recommended those solutions for IDX because we simply want to know more about user perspective or even what people think and need about investing education in Indonesia both qualitative and quantitative that are related to the problem summary on this project.

Result: An appropriate application for much more capital market investments in the future.

For the client itself, we already gave a complete guide for the development of this educational portal application in terms of features, architecture, technology, platform, digital campaign or marketing, as well as the roadmap for 5 years forward. Furthermore, we guarantee that the final app we developed is indeed useful for many Indonesian to learn about investing.