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Challenges: How to simplify workflow and boost productivity?

Pusat Pembinaan Profesi Keuangan/ Center for Supervision of Financial Service (PPPK) is responsible for coordinating and preparing formulation of policy, guidance, development, supervision, monitoring and information service on accountancy profession in Indonesia (Accountant, Public Accountant, Accounting Technician, Appraiser, Public Appraiser, Actuary, and other accountancy profession). In conducting its duties, PPPK is under and responsible for the Ministry of Finance through Secretary General.

PPPK has an authorization to conduct inspection of the audit work of all auditors and audit firm and the scope includes ensuring licensing requirements are fulfilled and the firms maintain relevant quality control system. The result of inspection submits to an application, namely e-GovPPPK. At first, e-GovPPPK is built as reporting database, later developed as licensing application.

Solution: Updating and integrating technologies for better productivity

e-GovPPPK is previously built as a reporting database for PPPK which has menus such as Perizinan (license), Laporan (report), and Laporan KJPP (KJPP report). However, to boost productivity and update with new technology that Ministry of Finance has built before, namely Elsa – e-GovPPPK needs to be rebuilt. The purpose is to integrate all application that Minister of Finance has under one roof and user allows to access the application according to their role.

To integrate e-GovPPPK to Elsa, Suitmedia as Jakarta digital agency gives a solution to use updated technology from the old application and to replace with AngularJS, a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework. AngulasJS is used on user interface for making the application run smoothly and perform better. In backend side, aside from AngularJS addition in frontend, web api is also applied in the application. The new technology is chosen to alter the other modules in Elsa.

Result: Integrating e-licensing application with seamless process

The integration of e-GovPPPK into Elsa gives benefit to people who wants to obtain any professional licensing by online in one single application, Elsa. As the institution which is responsible for the supervision of the accountancy profession in Indonesia, the integration of e-GovPPPK to Elsa brings a better and faster process for those who wants to use PPPK services.