Panasonic : AC Hemat Listrik
2017 - 2018
Brand Development, UI/UX Design, Content Creation, Web Development

Challenge: To deliver engaging content for user

Since Panasonic produced its first home cooler in 1958, AC Panasonic has continued to pursue “relaxing comfort” for customers both for homes and business. Standing at the forefront of innovation, maximizing human potential, reliability, and uncompromising spirit, AC Panasonic goal is to provide an experience of true comfort for business and homes, helping to build business success for clients – Building Passion and Building Solutions.

As the business grows rapidly, AC Panasonic existing website ( is still lack of some important elements. The homepage is not effective to grab user attention to explore the entire website (proven by the high bounce rate). The website also shows complete specifications and unique illustrations, however those are not presented well on the website and the user sometimes miss this information.

Solution: All in one interactive mobile application

Today, everybody is conscious or aware of health – what is good for the body and what goes in the body. In Panasonic, Air Conditioner has a huge meaning than just a cold air. Panasonic idea is balancing the three concepts on Kai (Comfort), Ken (Health), and Bi (Beauty). Thus, we convey this message through the website, by creating stories and content articles that support Kai, Ken, and Bi concepts. We bring AC Panasonic concepts into three inspiring categories: Inovasi Kami, Hemat Energi, and Ruang Nyamanku. This inspiring content also will boost more trust in AC Panasonic’s brand as well as increase user engagement on the website.

The main menu should tell the user exactly what they are going to get at a glance. Creatively conveying this message in the menu bar is great if you can do it in a way that doesn’t make the visitor have to guess where the links will take them. For UI design wise and best user experience both in desktop and mobile, we implement big impactful images and simple navigation. To outshine the competition – we are not only highlighting products, but also give solution by providing suggestion and direction that suit user’s needs. In addition, we provide product comparison page thus user can make a better decision in choosing Air Conditioner type.

With modern, clean, and comfortable design yet informative content as mentioned above, has successfully increased its engagement, especially in session duration or the average time spent by users on the website as much as 27,5% in 30 days after the new site launched.