PT PP: Website and App PPID
2022 - 2023
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: Developing a user-friendly and informative website for public that can raise awareness for the company

PT Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk, commonly referred to as PP, is a state-owned enterprise in Indonesia engaged in the construction sector. In the year 2022, PT PP is planning to migrate its company domain from to that serves as a key rationale behind the necessity for the company's website development. Furthermore, the development of the company's website is also imperative to fulfill the requirements outlined in the OJK Regulation No. 8/POJK.04/2015 concerning Emitter or Public Company Websites. The objective sought is to execute significant enhancements to the existing homepage, creating a prominent public-facing platform capable of presenting informative corporate information. This transformation enables PT PP to effectively introduce their brand awareness to the public and ensures that their website aligns with external regulations, including the aforementioned POJK 8/2015.

Solution: Revamping website for a more modern and user-friendly website performance

The proposed solution from Suitmedia involves a comprehensive revitalization of the PT PP website, incorporating contemporary design elements and user-centric enhancements, accompanied by the endorsement of an optimal technological stack. This strategic initiative is driven by the commitment to augmenting website performance, thereby aiming to cultivate an elevated user experience that fosters ease and comfort when receiving information provided by PT PP. By conducting a website revamp, PT PP’s website can become more informative and it can increase their company's brand awareness.

Results: A website featuring enhanced user-friendliness, characterized by a streamlined flow designed for optimal user comprehension

At the present moment, users have the opportunity to engage with the PT PP website, where an upgraded and user-friendly design interface has been implemented, resulting in a markedly enhanced browsing experience. The website now boasts an intuitive display and seamless navigational flow, contributing to a heightened ease of comprehension for users accessing information. This strategic enhancement is tailored to facilitate more efficient and effective interaction, aligning with PT PP's commitment to delivering a user-friendly and informative digital environment for its stakeholders.