Sarana Multi Infrastruktur
2017 - 2018
Brand Development, UI/UX Design

Challenge: How could we make a shorter process of approval system to accelerate PT. SMI business?

PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur hereinafter referred as PT SMI plays active roles in facilitating infrastructure financing as well as preparing infrastructure project through serving advisory and development of infrastructure project in Indonesia.

One of PT SMI objectives is to accelerate provision of infrastructure financing through partnership with private sector and or multilateral financial institution. To support the acceleration, the company need for approval and push notification management integrated in a single mobile application. In addition, PT SMI needs a home for their existing application, thus all IT services application are integrated in single application.

Solution: A mobile application that able to integrate approval and push notification management

A simple day-to-day tasks tend to be overly time consuming, especially in terms of managing approval. Instead of having to access multiple application using multiple logins that probably in multiple mobile application, seems like a never ending battle. Thus, a single mobile application that capable to handle the entire approval process as well as the notification task reminder alert is suggested by Suitmedia.

Mobile Approval application allows users to perform task approval by system in management level as well as task notification as alert reminder. Users can give direct approval through this application without accessing into each PT SMI’s applications. The approved task will be automatically saved in archive menu. Users can also save alerts that have been read into the bookmarks menu. Mobile Approval also integrates with other PT SMI applications such as: Perjalanan Dinas, Nota Disposisi, HRIS, Loan Originasi System (LOS), and E-Procurement. This application revolutionizes the ‘old’ approval process and eliminate the need to open many applications for each task. 

The result of designing an integrate mobile approval application

Dealing with approval process means that you need to experience a long process. This long process consequentially hinders the company mission in order to accelerate provision of infrastructure financing. Through the Mobile Approval that successfully integrates approval and task management in single mobile application, hopefully will boost PT SMI business.