Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna
iOS & Android Development

Challenge: How to create ways to ‘wow’ the conference attendees

HM Sampoerna is one of the largest Indonesian tobacco company with 'A' Mild as their most popular brand. The commercial division of the company held a conference that is important for the employee growth and the company’s business.

They realized that mobile event apps have changed organizations’ perspective towards event management. They believed that a mobile application would become an answer for them to make organizing conference easier.

The commercial division expected an easy-to-use app that enables them to display all conference info on the attendees' smartphones. Moreover, they wanted the application to function not only for database collection and information display, but also as an engagement and interaction tools.

Solution: Create functional and attractive features that attendees will love

Suitmedia came up with a solution by developing Commercial Conference app, a simple mobile application conference tool that lets them organize and communicate with event attendees effortlessly. By facilitating seamless interactions with the audience, this app created to make organizing Sampoerna Commercial Conference easy.

By using this app, the attendees can view a news feed, schedule, speakers, also indoor and outdoor map. This app also equipped with push notification feature to provide a convenience schedule reminder and updated information. The speakers also able to upload their presentation slides or e-material to the application.

To enhance engagement and attendees’ experience, we built key features that allow the attendees to do several fun activities, such as:

  • Ask the speaker directly from their device in class
  • Take challenges, such as photo challenge, QR code challenge, trivia quiz and polling
  • Collecting point after doing activities in the app
  • Type on the event wall to share comments, photos, videos, sharing location, and tag friends in the comments
  • Join survey and answer several questions

The design itself built with a modern and sleek style to enhance clarity and not give users a hard time figuring out how to use the interface. A simple and straightforward interface will leads users only to the most important information about the conference. The combination of good UI and UX has given a significant influence in increasing engagement in the community and it has become one of the success recipes for the Sampoerna Commercial Conference 2016.