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Challenge: How to efficiently share knowledge with more than 20.000 employees?

PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna) is a well-known tobacco company in Indonesia. Sampoerna is also a part of PT Philip Morris Indonesia and affiliates with Philip Morris International Inc., a world-famous tobacco company. With their famous brand families – Sampoerna A, Sampoerna Kretek, Sampoerna U and Dji Sam Soe, Sampoerna led the Indonesian cigarette market with 33% market share in 2017. Thanks to all hard-working employees of Sampoerna, the company can achieve this great success.

Sampoerna believes in the power of innovation to maintain their achievement and to always strive towards even bigger success. Not only in terms of product innovation, but also in developing their human resources. It is important for the employees to have a parallel vision, mission, and knowledge about the industry with the company itself. However, educating more than 20.000 employees can be an arduous task. But it is not an impossible one. In this case, Sampoerna simply needs a more integrated and efficient way to educate and develop their employees.

Solution: Building a rewarding self-development platform

Seminars and workshops are a great method to educate employees, but it can be less efficient in terms of time, energy and cost. Also, in this era, we should be able to learn about anything anywhere – cheers to the founders of the internet! So this is what we at Suitmedia do for Sampoerna to develop their employee: creating an accessible online self-development platform called IQADEMY.

Let's be honest, sometimes learning can get boring. Either that or you just do not feel motivated enough to know further about something. With IQADEMY, we make sure no one left feeling unmotivated. We offer rewards for those who succeed in unlocking some achievement. This makes IQADEMY more special than other human resource development platform.

So, this is how it works. Sampoerna employees will get access to open their IQADEMY account. After they logged in, they can find articles to enhance their knowledge about tobacco and Sampoerna’s product and innovation. To test how far they have mastered the new concept from the article, each employee will be challenged to answer a quiz related to the article they just read. After they have finished, they get a point according to the number of correct answers. They can also earn points by sharing information about products to the external public. This points later can be redeemed with rewards.

Giving contribution to one of the company’s biggest innovation

After the employees get to some required level by finishing the challenge, they can become a member of IQOS club. IQOS is the latest innovation from Philip Morris International, a parent company of Sampoerna. Meaning, those who become a member of IQOS club is qualified to take part in developing the company’s latest and biggest innovation.

But what is IQOS exactly? IQOS (I Quit Ordinary Smoking) is a tobacco product that does not create smoke. This gadget works by heating tobacco-filled sticks to produce a nicotine-rich aerosol. Internal studies by the company found that this product produces fewer cancer-causing chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes.

Although not yet sold in Indonesia, IQOS is already available in more than 40 countries including Japan and Korea. This makes an open door for the member of IQOS to share their skill and knowledge. The employee can contribute their ideas and help to build a strategy for IQOS to enter the Indonesian market.

With the help of IQADEMY, it is now easier for the directors and managers to educate their employee so they can share the same vision, mission, and value. The supervisors can also decide on those who are ready to take part in developing IQOS more effectively. In the other hand, Sampoerna’s employee can claim some benefits, such as rewards and become a member of IQOS club. IQADEMY surely makes the work for all parties become simpler, easier, and more fun!