Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna
Brand Development, UX & UI Design, iOS & Android Development

Challenge: How to unite and connect Sampoerna’s retailers into one place?

Sampoerna is the world’s largest kretek cigarette manufacture and the number one cigarette brand in Indonesia. The company produces some of the most well-known kretek cigarette brands such as Sampoerna Hijau, Sampoerna A Mild and the legendary “King of Kretek” Dji Sam Soe. In compliance with this achievement, Sampoerna held an event called PRN (Pesta Retail National) which gave Sampoerna’s retailers to participate in Sampoerna internal events. For a world-class company like Sampoerna, this PRN event should be presented in impressive management and high technology tools which can be used in pre-event, ongoing-event and after-event.

Solution: A highly sophisticated mobile apps for retailers and Sampoerna

To answer challenge from Sampoerna PRN for high technology tools that can support PRN event, Suitmedia proposed development of Mobile Apps. Consider these facts:

  • 89% people using their time on mobile through apps
  • We are spending much of digital time on our smart devices (smartphone or tablet)
  • More user engagement such as real time interaction, faster to read document, and easier to find event’s schedule as well as venue map.

As a result, mobile apps is so much important for your business and can help you get customers.

Connecting retailer through innovative mobile apps

PRN Event app is an official event management apps that can be used during Pesta Retail Nasional (PRN). This application is particularly made for Sampoerna’s retailers thus they can participate in Sampoerna’s internal event. To engage with attendees in pre-event, event and after event, we designed PRN Event app to provide schedule, timeline to interact with other participant, challenge and leaderboard, interact in discussion with speaker and many more. Users also enable to do mobile activities such as photo/ video sharing, mention and tag friends as well as location.

Through the apps, user also can collect points and redeem it from wide range of products. We set redeem mechanism into two scenarios. First, user can see the types of items that can be exchanged through a redeem catalog and second, user can redeem the point through “mystery box” which contains random items. 

Result: Maintain good relationship, achieve the goal

Through this mobile apps, it will bring a stronger bond between retailers and Sampoerna. This application is also designed so that retailers can establish partnerships with other retailers to achieve further success. Thus, both retailer and Sampoerna can achieve each goal that have been determined before.