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Challenge: How to make Sampoerna internal application run smoother & cost-effectively?

PT HM Sampoerna Tbk is the leading tobacco company in Indonesia. HM Sampoerna operates seven manufacturing facilities in Indonesia: two machine-made kretek ('SKM') production facilities and 5 hand-rolled kretek ('SKT') production facilities (kretek are the highly popular clove cigarettes that are a trademark of Indonesia). The company produces some of the most well-known kretek cigarette brands such as Sampoerna Hijau, Sampoerna A Mild and the legendary “King of Kretek” Dji Sam Soe.

As a company with a big reputation in terms of quality, innovation, and excellence, PT HM Sampoerna is not only enhancing products but also enhancing their human resources. This enhancement can be seen through some internal applications owned by Sampoerna, such as IQADEMY, Qoncierge, and IQOS.ID. IQADEMY is a gamification website as a way for internal employees to learn IQOS topics and to refer anyone that they know to join IQOS Club program. Qoncierge is a clienteling website with main functions are to management appointments/meetings with leads and to gather information from them. IQOS.ID is an e-commerce website to order IQOS devices, consumables and accessories. As well as shipment fulfillment system for warehouse. To keep pace with the changes in application and performance demands, those applications need system managed service.

Solution: Advanced Managed Service for IQADEMY, Qoncierge, and IQOS.ID

Well managed service will help the company to deal with the daily operations of applications seamlessly and effectively. The service also ensures that the application runs cost-effectively and meets business needs. Suitmedia as a full-service digital agency providing managed service assists IS RRP of Sampoerna for IQADEMY, Qoncierge, and IQOS.ID applications.

One of the management services that Suitmedia provides is Incident Management (IM) whose primary objective to ensure smooth operations with minimal or no downtime. Our services in Incident Management are described as follow:

  1. To respond to users’ communications
  2. To make log service request into Service Now
  3. To support different types of Service Request:
    • Incident
    • Request for Information (RFI)
    • Request for Change (RFC)
  4. To solve troubleshoot issues (Incident)
  5. To provide ad-hoc reports from system databases. (RFI)
  6. To provide guidance to operate systems (RFI)
  7. To execute the change management process (RFC)
  8. To make escalation to SME and/or L3 Support
  9. To follow the Incident Management process in Service Now

With new systems or strategies that may be applied during Managed Service, we also provide Change Management (CM) by gathering requirements, evaluating test derivable from vendors, providing training, and following Change Management process in Service Now.

Result: Stability to stay on top

The prime purpose of providing Managed Service is to make the service of applications to be seamless and significantly improved the satisfaction of end-users and IS RRP Sampoerna division. As a result, we got applications with better cost control, improved risk management, high availability, efficiency, and productivity.