Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna
UX & UI Design, iOS & Android Development

Challenge: To sell the products effectively and communicate the message of the brands easily

Sampoerna is a well-known tobacco company in Indonesia. They have an aim to offer the best experience to all of their customers. Until now, Sampoerna still sticks to their commitment to leveraging their best practices effectively while building on the wisdom as a 100 years old tobacco company in Indonesia.

As one of the biggest tobacco producer, Sampoerna distributes their product all over Indonesia. Therefore, they need to cooperate with the sellers in order to effectively sell the product and to communicate the message of the brand. This is, of course, become a challenge because it will take too much time, money, and effort to reach all sellers in every part of Indonesia. Moreover, there is another challenge because not all sellers able to understand the importance of communicating the brand’s message and how it should be done.

Solution: An advantageous app for both company and sellers

We believe the relationship between a company and their sellers has to be made advantageous for both parties. Sometimes, it can be burdensome for a big company like Sampoerna to maintain a good relationship with sellers as their partner. At Suitmedia, we are challenged to solve the problem by developing an application called SIAPP as a medium to maintain a good relationship between Sampoerna and their sellers.

Each seller or retailers of Sampoerna products can install SIAPP on their Android or iOS smartphone. Later, they need to register their phone number to get a verification code. After that, they are done with registration and ready to use the app.

There are some features on the app. Sampoerna can put news or press release that can be important for sellers to read so they will know what message Sampoerna wants to offer to the customers.

Sometimes, it is important for sellers to change their way of displaying products. Also, Sampoerna needs to know how low or high does the sellers set the selling price and how much products the sellers left in the sellers’ inventory. SIAPP makes this possible to be controlled only by using an app. Those three things are categorized as tasks those have to be done by sellers.

To encourage sellers to do their tasks, we introduce a point system. Each time the sellers have done changing the product display, filling the survey about the product price, and updating their stocks, they will get points that can be redeemed to get interesting rewards. This way, Sampoerna will get updated information about their products and can control each seller easily while on the other side, the sellers will be happy to do their tasks because they will get rewards in the near future.

By using this mobile application, both Sampoerna and the sellers can achieve their own goals while keeping a good relationship between one another.