Sthira Nusantara
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: Creating a platform to automate service process

Sthira Nusantara is an electronic rental and service company, focusing on air conditioner products. Their existing clients include convenience stores such as Alfamart and Indomaret, also retailers who need to rent air conditioners or repair them.

As a company who must always connect with their clients to function properly, Sthira Nusantara needs a platform to provide for the requirements of both sides. They need their air conditioner rental and service process to be automated to make it easier for both their clients and technicians.

Solution: Developing a website for end-users & mobile app for technicians

Just like any other electronic rental and service companies, addressing clients’ problems and finding the solution for it is the key to success for Sthira. However, doing everything manually causes them to lose track of their activities and progress every now and then. This may also cause their company to lose clients or get complaints as a result of miscommunication from end-user and technicians. Here is where Suitmedia taps in.

Suitmedia started by conducting a strategy to develop a website for end-users or customers to use as a portal of communication with technicians. Inside this website, customers can submit inquiry such as the date, time, and location regarding their need of AC installation or service from Sthira. This applies for AC Rental Users, AC Service for Rental Users, and AC Service for Non-Rental Users. Users will also receive push notifications regarding the progress of their AC rental or service processes.

Suitmedia also proceeds to develop an internal mobile app for Sthira’s technicians to follow up each and every customer’s requests and inquiries from the website. This app allows the technicians to record all activities related to AC services provided to customers, such as customer list and detail, service duration tracking, spare part info, and a simplified visit report form for each service done in each location. This way, the risk of losing track of orders are minimized.

Conclusion: Maximize sales opportunity and improve customer satisfaction

By using both the website and internal mobile app, end-users and Sthira’s technicians no longer have the problem they seem to be facing before. This leads to better performance and a higher chance to improve sales for Sthira.