2019 - 2020
Creative Campaign, Social Media Management

Challenge: How to engage better with the audience through a well-thought digital campaign

PT SHARP Electronics Indonesia is a manufacturer and designer of many electronic products such as television, air conditioner, home appliances, and other electronic components. With more than 3.000 employees throughout Indonesia, SHARP has successfully invented countless products that changed people’s lives to be better since 1970 up until now.

As one of the most sought for the electronic brand, SHARP is still facing difficulties in terms of engaging with its audience. SHARP needs to increase its brand image, create brand awareness, as well as increasing customer engagement through social media channels.

Solution: Conducting the most effective digital campaign to reach the audience 

Reaching the right target audience was never an easy job. Therefore, SHARP tapped Suitmedia to help them engage with potential buyers that most probably would be interested in the products that they offer. Suitmedia then conducted an accustomed digital campaign strategy according to the SHARP brand’s persona, to reach their desired target audience.

Suitmedia created a weekly content plan for SHARP’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to reach a wider audience. All contents are carefully differentiated according to its audience preference. For example, SHARP needs to display its sophistication and informative side for the Facebook audience, while managing to show its cool, young, energetic, and inspiring side for the Instagram audience. On the other hand, the Twitter audience is mainly young people who like simple, humorous content. With this kind of target audience, SHARP needs to display its fun, relatable side, while sliding in loose humor contents every now and then.

Suitmedia also planned a few digital activations to increase the loyalty of SHARP’s audience. These activations include always-on activity, weekly activity, and thematic activity with rewards such as Go-Pay vouchers or SHARP’s very own products. This technique is proven to be effective in engaging with customers because it seems that the Indonesian audience is generally more interested in Trivia Quiz or fun content that ask them to actively participate in social media. 

Not just through digital activations, the KOL campaign is also one of the solutions that Suitmedia offers to SHARP. KOL campaigns such as SHARP IG Live hijack, product reviews, and mini events inviting SHARP’s audience who are also a big fan of the dedicated KOL while introducing SHARP’s products seems to be a success. 

After all of the digital campaign strategies as mentioned above are carefully executed, SHARP can connect better with its audience while increasing and also maintaining its social media followers. It is shown through the high increase of SHARP’s Instagram followers from 20,534 followers to 26,805 followers in just 6 months.