Sharp ID
Technology, UI/UX Design, iOS & Android Development

Challenge: How to create engaging apps to increase active users numbers?

Sharp is a company that designs and manufactures electronic equipment based in Osaka, Japan. Sharp Indonesia already has several official stores both online and offline that are spread across Indonesia. Sharp ID latest apps are in need of a revamp UI/UX of its platform to engage and retain users using mobile applications and  help users find Sharp products and order service.

Sharp Indonesia wants to revamps Sharp ID apps by improving the UI/UX design, simplifying the whole user’s journey, and creating engaging features to increase active user number. A great strategy is required to fulfill these purposes. Starting by promoting apps and increasing active users numbers suitable with target by proposing UI/UX design linking with features and adding unique new features which has been to complete another features.

Solution: Creating a continuous customer journey experience on the Sharp ID apps

We divide it into three continuous phases where in the first phase we optimize application core function by identifying core user needs during their user journey and how mobile applications could aid them and give specific benefits or perks for mobile users only like mobile application only features, promotions and discounts, we also use friend referrals for reaching wider audience from our registered users.

In the second phase we strive to lead users to their 'AHA' moments by using triggers to help users to use application features, like promotions, discounts, and push notifications. We also use gamification and content creation to increase users motivation and duration using the application, and continue to try to do content personalization to lead users to content that they really need.

In the last phase, we try to retain users by creating 'stored value', maintain and enhance user experience. We define application stored value with loyalty points and member level, maintain users experience with pain collection, look for more opportunities to enhance user experience.

Result: The appropriate strategy will increase the number of installments and active users

A combination of various strategies succeeded in making the application actively used both in Android and IOS. In addition, the number of installments and daily active users achieved is also very good, with a total of users who has installed the app on the device is 73.9K installed audiences. We also reached daily active users peak on Sep 16 as many as 69K users.