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iOS & Android Development

Challenge: Took engagement to a whole new level

Since 2002, Soundrenaline always be able to deliver spectacular performances to music enthusiasts and it has proven itself as the biggest music festival in Indonesia. Organized by KILAU Indonesia in cooperation with Sampoerna ‘A’ Mild, Soundrenaline has been promoting and giving information to their audience through a website. However, their web presence hasn’t created enough engagement and participation. Soundrenaline wanted to evolve their game in youth engagement and create a new way in delivering music experiences to their audience. 

Solution: Created features every festival-goers want 

Smartphones, inevitably, have become the most reliable companion for music fans. Hence, Soundrenaline organizer asked Suitmedia to enhance their music festival experience through a mobile app. We understand that technology has an enormous role to amplify music festival experiences, as the organizer can find ways to raise engagement with music enthusiasts. Mobile technology also has become an important tool that can be used to bridge the gap between brands, organizers, and music fans.

Thus, we built Soundrenaline mobile app and equipped it with a festive interface that attracted festival-goers. We chose a vibrant color palette with a touch of playful color selection to create an upbeat mood, yet still had a very consistent look with its web version.

Beside the appealing interface, we optimized the app functionality for pre-event engagement through important features that made it easier for users to found ticket price, event news, and lineups information. We also provided a better way to pay the ticket with cashless payment method, therefore the customers paid the ticket easily, anywhere and anytime.

When the event was being held, the attendees used the map in the app to guide them to the venue. Users also got a nice reminder through the app when the band was going to perform. Furthermore, they were able to rate the band performance through the app. That feature gave a real-time feedback for the bands about their performances.

In order to continue to build excitement and momentum around the future Soundrenaline event, we created after-event engagement through updates and news related to music, youth culture, and Soundrenaline event. This app has been successfully raising engagement from the pre-event, on-going event, and after-event. With its perfect usability, Soundrenaline mobile app also can be used by the organizer for a long-time and will be still relevant for the next Soundrenaline events.

Fan experience is constantly improved

The Soundrenaline event organizer is always looking for ways to improve the fan experience and they want to maximize the mobile app’s function to drive a better fans engagement. For that reason, Suitmedia came up with fresh ideas to keep fans at the edge of delight and deliver something unexpected.

In the Soundrenaline 2017, we complement the app with new features that entice users to do more interactions and we give users a chance to become active participants of the event.  During pre-event, there is a voting feature on the app that enables users to choose which artist or band will perform in the Soundrenaline event. They were also able to choose artists to collaborate and perform together at the event.

Moreover, to create exciting experiences during the event, we created photo booth feature, inviting fans to play so that the app can lead to a deeper level of engagement. During the event, fans were asked to take photos at 5 spots within the area and decorate the photos with a filter and frame that are provided in the Soundrenaline app. The photos can be redeemed with gifts and merchandise at the Soundrenaline booth. This feature has successfully built an exciting connection with the attendees.

As a conclusion, the Soundrenaline application will always constantly evolving to maximize the fan experience and will continue to do so to improve connectivity and become closer to their attendees.