Toyota Astra Finance
2012 - 2015
Web Development, Brand Development, UI/UX Design

Challenge: To position the brand as a caring friend

TAF (Toyota Astra Finance) is a joint venture between PT Astra International Tbk (Indonesia) and Toyota Financial Services Corporation (Japan). TAF has been in the car financing and leasing industry for more than 10 years and has become the main choice for people around the country to use its services. TAF strives to provide services that are trouble-free, affordable, and accessible to make customers easier to get their Toyota car.

As a brand who has services in financing, TAF was aware that they had to set a long-term strategic goal to win people’s trust, not only through first-class products and services, but also by getting closer emotionally with its customer. This vision has become a challenge for us to bring a new brand persona into their digital assets, especially into their corporate website.

Solution: Focus on the tone of the site and giving it a ‘human’ touch.

Companies are in a bit of a crisis in the modern era. Even though consumer-brand trust is as important as ever, the sad fact is, people (especially millennials) don’t really trust brands. Most of them see corporations as faceless profiteers. Since people trust other people more than brands, our solution to create a successful website for the TAF brand is to make it seem a little bit more like a person.

For that reason, Suitmedia did a comprehensive website redesign for their corporate’s site with a touch of storytelling that has been describing the true identity of TAF: a caring friend who makes people’s lives easier, better, and full of joy. 

We give the website a human voice and a personality with strong headlines that aren’t hard-selling their products and services, but to tell stories about the brand and what benefits they bring to their customers. We talk to TAF’s customers like they are friends. By implementing this strategy, we attract people to trust the brand. Trust is everything in brand humanization, and it comes before interaction with communities of employees and consumers.

Beside the ‘human’ communication tone, we were also implementing big imagery with a warm tone and powerful messages to connect emotionally with users. We used clean layout and simple navigation to make it easier for users to read important information and use its features. All of those stunning UI and UX were wrapped up without abandoning the importance of the corporate’s identity of professionality, quality, and integrity by following OJK rules for website development. has become a powerful digital tool for the company to grow and strive in the competition of car financing industry.   

Toyota Financial Services – Helping people to choose their dream car seamlessly

TAF is one of the strongest auto finance company in Indonesia, but to continue growing in a rapidly changing business industry, the company needed to make its products and services more accessible than ever before. For that reason, TAF was creating a new subsidiary called Toyota Financial Services (TFS) to accommodate an easier way for their potential customers to explore the financing option of Toyota cars.

To create an effective platform for its customers, TFS needs to create its own website that is equipped with useful and easy-to-use features to help potential customers to access all benefits of Toyota Financial Services. 

“Together with Suitmedia, TFS giving users the tools to make the best decision and a personalized approach to auto finance”

Our solution was to transform the traditional auto finance journey into a digital experience. The experience is designed to lead potential customers to find the most suitable car for them by showing them car recommendations based on the car type, payment method, tenor, and insurance needs. Through this website, users are also able to take credit capacity check based on their needs, budget, and price ranges.

Through this website, we also made it easy for users to apply through the quick apply feature with very short digital form. Previously, users only able to apply after filling out a lengthy form. Now users also can see the car recommendation and a range of prices from the very beginning, so they will confident by the end that our recommendation is the right one for them. 

For the web design itself, we created a fully responsive site with modern design to generate the best experience for users while using the features on desktop or mobile. We used clean and big images and utilized white spaces to make it easier for users to read all of the important information, such as product information, document requirement, payment method, dealer location and more. The site has succeeded to provide a more valuable experience to users and to help users to make a better auto financing decision.