UPH Mobile
UI/UX Design, iOS & Android Development

Challenge: Serving all student needs through a complete and handy app

Pelita Harapan University (Indonesian: Universitas Pelita Harapan, UPH) is a private Christian university in Lippo Village, Tangerang, Indonesia, under Pelita Harapan Education Foundation (Indonesian: Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan). UPH is the first university in Indonesia to introduce programs entirely taught in English, the first to offer a liberal arts curriculum, and the first to introduce a multi-disciplinary approach to its programs.

It is a common knowledge that mobile application and mobile devices are outstanding tools for communication. Some researches are proven that the average college-student-age checks their phone more than seventy times per day.

Our clients realized that making a mobile application for student can improve the engagement factor. Other than that, the mobile application can impact student’s productivity and their academic success as well. Therefore, UPH wants to create an app specifically for the students to help them to get information about academic, non-academic, financial, and many more.

Solution: A full-on information student app with a rich features and wrapped in a nice design

Suitmedia - a digital agency specialized in developing mobile application - comes up with a solution by developing a simple mobile application with a rich feature and a design that suit the audience demographics and UPH’s soul. This app is specifically made so that the student can easily get on track with their schedules, grades, financial, campus events, career, etc. The app is called UPH Mobile. It is specially designed for UPH’s students to give UPH students easy access to all the information needed for their day-to-day activities on UPH campus with the main features of this app, including Academics, Activities, Calendar, Grade & GPA, and Payment.

  • Academics contains information on class schedules, exam schedules, and KSM downloads
  • Activities contains a list of campus events and news
  • Calendar displays a to-do list (class schedules, campus important dates, administrative important dates) in the monthly calendar view
  • Grade & GPA contains information on student grades and grades
  • Payment contains information on payment bills, payment history, and payment methods

Students might be very thankful for the easier access also a ‘friend’ to remind their schedules through only one app. The app is equipped with push notification features to provide a convenient schedule reminder and updated information. They even have brief of everything they need at the very first page.

Besides all its helpful features, in order to make students more attracted with the apps, we begin to think about the color selections. The app ended up stands in UPH’s own color unit, such as blue, white, red, and yellow. But, to make it not so stiff as a campus app, we decided to put a lot of motions and also some graphics. Not forget to mention the brief user flow, a simple and straightforward interface make it easier for students to get their hands into it.

Result: A beloved home for UPH student

            This campus mobile app has been making a change for UPH students, by all means, with loads of downloads and more than 4.5 ratings on the PlayStore also AppStore, UPH Mobile has successfully make their campus-life easier with all the features in it.