VIP Emtek
Brand Development, UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: To make a portfolio website that can also be an effective promotion medium

VIP Production is a company under EMTEK Group that is filled with creatives who are focused on producing high-quality video. They are specialized in making TVC, web series, vlog, and other kinds of creative video that can represent the best of both digital and corporate worlds. VIP Production communicates your message to your specified target in the best and most creative way.

After a while, VIP Production feels the urge to have a website that can show the videos they have made. The world needs to know that VIP Production has made it possible to creatively communicate every message through wonderfully made videos.

Solution: A sophisticated website that highlights the works as the focal point

If there is one element that has to be standout in VIP Production website, it must be the videos itself. We realized that the website portfolio doesn’t need more sprinkles and glaze to make it great. Thus, we want to make the creative videos made by VIP Production as the focal point of the website.

With this rationale, we choose the color black with the touch of grey and white as the main theme. The chosen colors are effective to show the videos as the main attraction of the website. We match the theme with a clean layout and an exclusive way of navigating through one page to another. Wrapped up as a package, this website will give the visitors a new pleasing experience while watching categories of creative video works done by VIP Production.

The website also contains contact form and explanations of services provided by VIP Production, and all the audiences need to know about VIP Production. Looking at the features and design of the website, it is, with no doubt, a complete package for a website that can match its function as portfolio and promotion tool.