2011 - 2015
Online Advertising, Web Development, Mobile App Development

Challenge: To create maximum easiness and safety when people are using the platforms

Bukalapak is an Indonesian online marketplace where local users can buy from and sell to each other. Currently listed as one of biggest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia. As we have known, E-commerce market is growing so fast, but online fraud is growing even faster. That’s why Bukalapak digital platforms should have several safeguards in place to make their potential customers feel confident and comfortable when buying or selling by using their website or mobile app.

Solution: A gateway to higher conversions

Bukalapak Website

One vital key to E-commerce success is a simple and easy to understand navigation. Suitmedia created an easy-to-use website for Bukalapak to help users easily find a product by categories and filters. We also aimed to boost conversion through the website by creating effective and clear call-to-action, which are relatively short with a single message can encourage people to make purchases. also has been equipped with a blog page, in order to create quality content on a regular basis and ensures that isn’t left behind in Google’s search pages. This blog pages are also building credibility with Bukalapak users and increases engagement, which can be used to drive users to your e-commerce store pages. 

The e-commerce site now has about 100,000 daily visitors, with each of them averaging 10 page-views. This means that there are around one million page-views on Bukalapak every day. At the moment Bukalapak sits at 151st position in the country’s web ranking according to Alexa. The startup itself is invested in by GREE Ventures and Batavia Incubator. They have more than 1,000,000 sellers and over 20 million products.

Bukalapak Mobile App

Suitmedia also built a mobile app with high quality images and a clean user experience to make it easier for users to utilize every function of its menu. After launching for only a year Bukalapak’s Android app became the most downloaded shopping app in Indonesia.