Suitmedia Digital Agency

About Us

Suitmedia has become our second home
where technology & creativity fused into digital chemistry

Our Approach

As Creative Digital Lab we do our work through four cyclical stages that repeat to the first step once one cycle finishes.

  1. Discover.
    Finding insights from data and research.
  2. Define.
    Creating digital strategy and solution blueprint.
  3. Deliver.
    Developing solution and implementing media strategy.
  4. Determine.
    Measuring the performance of our implementation.
Diagram 4D Framework
Abdul Arif
Abdul Arif Software Engineer
Abdul Aziz Priatna
Abdul Aziz Priatna Sr. Software Engineer
Adi Yulianto
Adi Yulianto Art Director
Adnan Hamka Arafat
Adnan Hamka Arafat Software Engineer
Agus Sunarya
Agus Sunarya Housekeeper
Ahmad Rizki Faizal
Ahmad Rizki Faizal Technical Lead
Airen Rizky Fauziandini
Airen Rizky Fauziandini Sr. System Analyst
Ajeng Laras Phitaloka
Ajeng Laras Phitaloka Sr. Account Executive
Aldio Firando
Aldio Firando Technical Lead
Almika Gusnandri Indra
Almika Gusnandri Indra C E O
Andhika Ridhovani
Andhika Ridhovani Sr. Frontend Developer
Anggriawan Sugianto
Anggriawan Sugianto C T O / C O O
Anita Lestari
Anita Lestari Project Manager
Annisa Ayu Primadani
Annisa Ayu Primadani Sr. HR Officer
Antonio Sompotan
Antonio Sompotan Art Director
Ardian Franindo
Ardian Franindo Technical Director
Argo Pambudi
Argo Pambudi Graphic Designer
Azhari Rizky Putra Lassa
Azhari Rizky Putra Lassa Project Manager
Bella Arif Primadana
Bella Arif Primadana Sr. Software Engineer
Budi Triatmojo
Budi Triatmojo Graphic Designer
Chandra Rolexta
Chandra Rolexta Technical Manager
Cynthia Ananda
Cynthia Ananda Sr. System Analyst
Damar Prakoso
Damar Prakoso Sr. Copywriter
Dandy Risandi
Dandy Risandi Art Director
Dedi Mustalib
Dedi Mustalib Messenger
Denny Prastiaji
Denny Prastiaji Account Executive
Devita Yufliha Mahron
Devita Yufliha Mahron Sr. System Analyst
Dewi Kurnia Agustine
Dewi Kurnia Agustine Copywriter
Dimas Yanu Rahmawan
Dimas Yanu Rahmawan Software Engineer
Djulianti Gunawan
Djulianti Gunawan Finance Manager
Dody Darmawan
Dody Darmawan Technical Manager
Dody Kurniawan
Dody Kurniawan Design Manager
Eko Susanto
Eko Susanto Housekeeper
Erwin Guntoro
Erwin Guntoro Software Engineer
Fadillah Kurniawan
Fadillah Kurniawan Mobile Developer
Faizal Adhitama Prabowo
Faizal Adhitama Prabowo Software Engineer
Fajar Sidik Priatna
Fajar Sidik Priatna Sr. Software Engineer
Farhan Fauzan
Farhan Fauzan Media Manager
Farina Yusni Ratih
Farina Yusni Ratih Content Strategist
Febrilia Endah
Febrilia Endah Digital Media Specialist
Firman Puguh Mandala
Firman Puguh Mandala Sr. Visual Designer
Fitra Rahmamuliani
Fitra Rahmamuliani Senior Frontend Developer
Fuji Muliawati
Fuji Muliawati Sr. Content Strategist
Ghita Asyifa
Ghita Asyifa Sr. Account Executive
Giwang Qulsum
Giwang Qulsum UX Designer
I Ketut Hartawan
I Ketut Hartawan Account Director
Iin Leo Putri
Iin Leo Putri Sr. Software Engineer
Intan Kozaly
Intan Kozaly System Analyst
Ira Saridewa Rinjani
Ira Saridewa Rinjani Account Manager
Jalu Gagah Satria
Jalu Gagah Satria Creative Director
Jerry Corbert Sinaga
Jerry Corbert Sinaga Technical Lead
Khairunnisa Rofifah
Khairunnisa Rofifah Lead Mobile Analyst
Laurensia Clara Sakti
Laurensia Clara Sakti Sr. System Analyst
Maristya Yoga Pratama
Maristya Yoga Pratama HR Manager
Martina Pradita
Martina Pradita Asc. Account Manager
Maylani Fadilla
Maylani Fadilla Account Executive
Mokhamad Rofiudin
Mokhamad Rofiudin Sr. Software Engineer
Muhammad Alam Akbar
Muhammad Alam Akbar Technical Lead
Muhammad Syarif
Muhammad Syarif Technical Lead
Mutia Ovirza
Mutia Ovirza Technical Manager
Nia Anggriani
Nia Anggriani Account Manager
Niken Sawitri
Niken Sawitri Technical Manager
Nisa Imanda
Nisa Imanda Account Manager
Piterson Satio
Piterson Satio Frontend Developer
Priyadi Wicaksono
Priyadi Wicaksono Creative Director
Raditya Linggar Satria
Raditya Linggar Satria Graphic Designer
Richan Technical Director
Rifat Firdaus
Rifat Firdaus Technical Manager
Rio Radityo
Rio Radityo Sr. Comm. Engager
Robby Gustiwa
Robby Gustiwa Sr. Graphic Designer
Rubiana Rijanti
Rubiana Rijanti Account Manager
Satria Aditya Wibawa
Satria Aditya Wibawa Sr. Mobile Designer
Sekar Arum Lestari
Sekar Arum Lestari Sr. System Analyst
Seruni Putri Yudithia
Seruni Putri Yudithia Asc. Account Manager
Shauma Hayyu Syakura
Shauma Hayyu Syakura Sr. Digital Strategist
Slamet Aprianto
Slamet Aprianto Sr. Frontend Developer
Sri Ariyani
Sri Ariyani Sr. Mobile Developer
Wahyu Budi Aji
Wahyu Budi Aji Head of Project Mgt.
Yussy Marliati
Yussy Marliati Sr. Finance Admin