Back then, automotive business has taken traditional business concepts. Now, with the digital transformation in automotive industry, businesswise it has given a lot of benefits for the industry. It not only benefits for business, but for the customer service as well. With the availability of digital customer service like chatbot, it easily and practically brings any information and sales promotion for the customer.

Chatbot allows businesses to get better in supporting their customer needs at many touch points along their journey. The chatbot program can shift chunks of data to provide user with quick answers in nanoseconds. It will help brand to reach customers 24/7 and enhancing customer experience by answering commonly asked questions quickly and accurately. By using customer service chatbot, brands can get a real time engagement and there will be an increase in customer satisfaction. They can also provide customer with complete product details if needed.

It is very common that a lot of brands are using chatbot for customer service. But eventually, technology will be more sophisticated. For this case, Voice User Interface (VUI) is the future. It is simply because voice technology is becoming increasingly accessible. Advancements in a number of industries are helping digital voice assistants become more sophisticated and useful for everyday use. Voice has now established itself as the ultimate mobile experience. There is a lot of opportunity for much deeper and much more conversational experiences with customers. 

Author: Ghita Asyifa Adlina Sudiro (Sr. Account Executive)