The use of technology for our daily lives continues to grow, including the education system. Indonesia is one of the countries that always evolving the use of technology to make Indonesian education system more efficient and effective. To pursue it, Indonesia utilizes the trend of having gadgets and using internet applications between students and teachers. Because of that, we can see some students use them to make their education-related activity done.

The impact of technology for Indonesia’s education system

For now, not every level of education has already applied advanced technology, but we can see it clearly in the college education system. Indonesia has a lot of universities or college institutions spread all around Indonesia. Most of them have already used internet applications to help each of their activities, not only learning activity between students and lecturer or teacher, but also helping them in administration matters. Technology also gives an impact on the process of controlling every data and knowledge until the process to analyze it and get something to be improved in the future.

Another impact of technology that creates new experience in Indonesia’s education system is it successfully made the distance is not a big matter to reach education for some cases. Some college institutions have already applied online learning activity so students can cut off their effort or time just to go to the place where they can learn something. It makes more people can pursue their education dream without worrying about distance as long as they get gadgets and internet access on them.

The trends of education technology in 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the pandemic has become the biggest problem around the world. Some sectors are affected by it including the education system. Unfortunately, WHO has already announced that people need to keep the distance to stop the spread of the virus. It affects face-to-face or offline learning which is still the main activity in education.

To keep the education system still running and not ignoring WHO’s appeal, most of the educational institutions now are using video conferences to run the learning activity. This helps students and teachers keeping their interaction and do knowledge sharing with a safe environment.

The future of education technology in Indonesia

Regardless, some educational institutions have already applied advanced technology for their main and supporting processes. They made every activity online. The government also sees it as a big improvement to the education system and they even start to facilitate educational institutions with technology solutions. The interest rate of people to join online education is also increasing in Indonesia.

Based on that, we can see the potential to improve education system into education 4.0. In education 4.0, we are not replacing teachers with technology, but we can make teachers as leaders and technology as tools and sources of information and knowledge. But to make it happen, there are several things to be considered such as government’s support, technology awareness in society, country’s economic situation, and others.

Author: Cynthia Ananda P. (Sr. System Analyst)