Healthcare is one of the most primary issues in life. People have been looking for all information regarding healthcare issues via search engines, such as Google. In Indonesia, digital media in healthcare grows positively and brings opportunities to the industry itself. We can say that digital media in healthcare industry brings great impact for people who need the service through these three ways mentioned below:

1. Information

Through information, healthcare digital media has a strong influence which can give impact, direct or indirect, to people’s life. From babies, kids, and adults both men or women, they provide various healthcare solutions, such as healthcare products, medicines, and illness information. The information is presented in informative and educative articles or news. Through this method, people will get the easiest way to reach any up-to-date information concerning health issues, for example, the information about coronavirus disease which became a global issue due to massive victims.

2. Suggestion

 After giving information, healthcare digital media will give impacts on people’s health by giving suggestions. People used to search for the best suggestion based on their health problems through digital media. For example, when we get cold, we will do a search to look for information about how we get affected and solution on how to heal it.

3. Communication

Nowadays when people feel unwell and don’t have time to go to the doctor, they are still able to communicate with another experienced user or experts online. Healthcare digital media now has been developing some features to make communication seems easy, such as discussion forum, message inquiry, or live chat. These techniques bring intense impacts on healthcare digital media users.

Innovation in digital healthcare also brings advantages for healthcare professionals/organizations who used it.

Health Services

For healthcare professionals or organizations, it will be easier for them in spreading positive and proper information or suggestion to society. Digital media is the right bowl to start a campaign from awareness until conversion about their brand by fulfilling what user needs for their health. The main purpose of using digital media is they can easily introduce their brand, service or product to the potential target market and reach their best performance. Finally, the most important advantage for healthcare professionals and organizations is to help people who need it. By giving qualified information and suggestion they will help many people who are willing to be healthy.

After healthcare professionals/organizations applied digital media in their services, it is important to manage the service and build trust among users. I believe that there are two things should be followed by healthcare digital media to gain or manage user’s trust. The first is to provide positive and based-on-fact information or suggestion. All information related to healthcare must come from experts. Otherwise, if they give wrong information (hoax) concerning healthcare it will cause a bad reputation for healthcare professionals/organizations. The second is to give up-to-date information or healthcare trending issue preferably global health issues. People need to know about the current issue of health and how to face it. Learning from Coronavirus issue, digital media has been providing current status, prevention, and solution on how to deal with the disease. Good utilization of digital media by the healthcare industry surely helps our society has a better life by making them more health-conscious and encouraging them to implement healthy lifestyles.

 Author: Ira Saridewa Rinjani (Account Manager)