Automotive digital retailing is a dealership's most powerful new tool, and it is going to bring you into a shiny new future. Automotive digital retailing is the all-in-one sales process that makes shopping any vehicles easier and more exciting for customers at a dealership. Done right, automotive digital retailing ties your physical and digital processes into one seamless experience that can be navigated in any direction

Besides that, developing omni-channel retailing is the essential to remain on competition. Automakers who adapt it well, will not only serve their customers better, but may also reduce the sales and marketing costs. Meanwhile, the potential will be vary, it is estimated that up to a fifth of these costs can be cut with an integrated and seamless model. The potential of similar cost reduction is hard to find elsewhere along the automotive value chain.

In addition to omni-channel marketing, here is the impact of e-commerce for automotive industry. E-commerce expands markets to national and international markets. This reduces the costs of making paper-based processing, distribution and retrieval of information. The importance of E-Commerce is very broad because it reduces transaction costs. Reducing transaction costs leads to customers empowerment. Also, an e-commerce platform presents a myriad of opportunity for automotive industry players, to cross-sell and upsell their products and consequently boost the overall sales. 

Author: Jerry Corbert Sinaga (Technical Lead)