Each year, new technologies and trends have emerged which make business has to keep up with these trends to stay competitive. 2020 will be a year of a rapid shift in digital transformation and AI will be the center point.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a brand-new technology, however, AI marketing trend will be a new trend to create a striking customer experience. AI is the key to deliver business outcomes with digital transformation. AI supports data-driven decisions and improves business communication and more. In 2020, AI will continue to feature significantly in marketing strategies.

Then, how AI will help a business to stay-on-top? Not many people realized that loads of data are left behind during web browsing, such as consumer searches, interests, locations, and buying behaviors. AI can manipulate these data to provide better customer experience through predictive analysis. This technology can be applied in an e-commerce or news portal, AI will help you to create personalized product recommendations and content suggestion, so marketing will be optimized to supply only the most relevant information hence reducing a customer’s research and decision-making process. In addition to providing the most relevant information, in e-commerce, AI can transform how people interact with products use image-recognition solutions. Users can take a picture and AI can retrieve similar or related pictures and display the result. This feature could lead to more sales.

Other than that, AI can be applied in chatbots as a way to provide quick customer support available 24-hour service and cost-effective. Furthermore, chatbots can also be programmed to offer personalized recommendation on user’s likes, dislike based on chat history. Offering personalized recommendations in the chatbot can be used as an effective way to drive more customers to the final stage of the sales funnel. AI can be used in sentiment analysis. Though AI has no emotion, it can read emotional state, especially through text. AI will study all the subtleties of people's communication and analyzes whether the comments are positive, negative or neutral. These features are useful as you can discover negative content sooner so you can manage your brand image. It helps you to understand what people say about your brand. Even, in the social media world, AI can provide customized content campaigns based on data collected from consumer searches such as interest, location and buying behaviors.

Artificial Intelligence holds many benefits for business and industry who used it. AI can enhance information, reduce operational costs, grow revenue, and increase efficiency. In addition to the rise of AI, video content becomes one of the marketing strategies that businesses and industries don’t want to miss. Many businesses still get more benefits from creating a short video to introducing their products and services. Video is by far the most popular way customers can learn about the new products and watching product videos makes them more confident to buy online products. Both AI and video content surely will help build brand awareness and improve credibility from your business.

Author: Nisa Imanda (Account Manager)