2022 - 2023
UX & Market Research, UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenges: How to optimize marketing service and create a comprehensive website?

PT BRI Danareksa Sekuritas is a securities company that was established in 1992 and carries out business activities as a securities broker, underwriter, arranger, and financial advisor. BRIDS is affiliated with the Government and has an integrated online investment platform named BRIGHTS that is used to provide easier stock transactions, mutual funds and bonds, only in one platform, one account, and one payment bank. BRIGHTS needs to redesign its website in order to improve the performance of BRIDS services, maximize their marketing, and facilitate users to get information about investments as well as make the website more in accordance with current design trends.

Solutions: Creating an informative and user-friendly website

To improve the performance of BRIDS, Suitmedia helps in the creation of an informative and structured website, the improvement of UX Design, the enhancement of Website SEO, and the development of high-performance websites. By upgrading the structure and design, users will be more comfortable when using the responsive website and searching for information using a desktop or mobile. Furthermore, Technical SEO can optimize technical features of a website in order to improve the page’s ranking in search engines.

Results: A brand-new, structured, and more user-friendly website

From the solutions that have been provided by Suitmedia, BRIGHTS website continues to experience a significant improvement in user experience because it is more informative, more accessible with information about investments, and shows maximum performance. Furthermore, we also provide a stock and mutual fund simulation overview feature which presents a selection of the top 10 stocks and mutual funds, making it easier for users to conduct simulated calculations and attract them to start depositing stocks or mutual funds. Additionally, investor users gain significant help by utilizing the Investment Calculator analytical tool to simulate their investments according to their demands, such as Investment Time, Investment Capital, Investment Returns, or Capital for Pension Funds. With more well-planned updates, the BRIGHTS website has evolved into a platform that makes it convenient for users to invest.