EMC: Mobile App
2022 - 2023

Challenges: Build efficient and informative applications to helps patient and EMC medical professionals

EMC Hospital is a private hospital owned by the EMTEK Group. Previously, Suitmedia developed the website that is used until now. On this occasion, Suitmedia got the opportunity to participate again in a new project, which is the development of a Mobile app. Considering the competition as well as current technical developments, EMC chose to develop a solution-oriented and efficient application to make it easier for patients to consult with doctors about their health and to schedule more regular appointments.

Solutions: Develop telehealth applications with various health-related service features

To provide the best solution for EMC, Suitmedia has developed an EMC mobile application which includes telehealth in the system. Telehealth is a feature that is an all-in-one solution where patients can make video calls with doctors, consult online about health problems, book appointments, and buy medicine. In addition, patients can also view medical records from the results of consultations with doctors. Besides the app for patients, doctors also have their own application to be able to see their schedule with patients. Suitmedia recommended this as a suitable solution because not all hospitals in Indonesia have an application to facilitate the consultation process. So, in addition to making it easier for patients, EMC can also compete with other telehealth applications which will certainly be an added value for hospital services.

Results: A more effective and facilitative Mobile app to assist doctor-patient communication

With the solutions provided by Suitmedia, the doctor-patient consultations are more efficient and systematic. According to the evaluation results, customers stated that the EMC application was really helpful, particularly in viewing the doctor's schedule without having to access the website first. Aside from that, users can examine additional information, such as EMC's facilities, to make the website more informational and useful.