YPPH: BukuAku Web & App
2021 - 2022
UX & Market Research, UI/UX Design, iOS & Android Development, Web Development

Challenges: Building a digital library platform to increase reading interest in children

The Pelita Harapan Education Foundation (YPPH)  is a foundation that oversees Pelita Harapan School, Dian Harapan School, Lentera Harapan School, UPH College, HOPE Academy, and Pelita Harapan University (UPH) that spread from Sumatra to Papua. In this opportunity, they want to develop a Digital Library Platform called BukuAku to improve the quality and reading intent of children by providing excellent books bundled with an appealing UI & UX for children of all ages. Previously, YPPH had an internal digital library but it still needs a lot of development on the UI UX side.

Solutions: Developing Web app and Mobile app supported by UI & UX

In addition to the case above, Suitmedia helps to create a digital library that is available as a Web app and Mobile app that is supported with UI & UX development that also allows parents and kids to access high-quality books from around the world. By developing a Web app and, in particular, a Mobile app, children can simply and quickly access BukuAku, while also upgrading the UI & UX from a child’s point of view and introducing various interactive give motivation for children. Furthermore, YPPH and SPH students can access a selection of learning materials that complement their academic pursuit.

Results: An ideal, accessible, and convenient digital library platform

With the solutions provided by Suitmedia, BukuAku became a very useful website, especially for teachers who want to increase students’ literacy and enthusiasm in reading. The development of UI & UX makes it easier for children who want to read books. Apart from that, BukuAku digital library is easily accessible both from Web app and Mobile app. BukuAku became a digital library that is an efficient and ideal platform because it helps increase children’s interest in reading, making children no longer need to buy books in a bookstore again.