ACE Hardware
2017 - 2018
Brand Development, UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: How to make a simple yet user friendly website with a lot of products to be highlighted?

ACE Hardware is the largest and most complete home improvement and lifestyle needs center in Indonesia. Since the birth of the first ACE Hardware store located at Karawaci in 1996, ACE Hardware has continued to grow and strengthen its position in retail business of home improvement and lifestyle products in Indonesia.

As the company mission to offer a wide range of high-quality products, ACE Hardware needs an impressive website that attracts costumers with detailed information, but not in a confusing design. The website itself is not act as an online brochure, but also a sales representative with a built-in sales funnel. With an engaging content (words and images) and graphically pleasing homepage, the website will attract more visitors.

Solution: An E-Commerce based website that highlights products as the central point

When user enters ACE Hardware website, the user must be looking for ACE products either they simply browse products or have an urgency to buy product. We realized a simple webpage that only randomly displaying products won’t attract the user to stay longer in ACE Hardware website. Thus, based on this consideration, Suitmedia choose an E-Commerce based design to build ACE Hardware website.

Highlighting the key features, increasing the traffic

With a touch of E-Commerce website, the new ACE Hardware website highlights on search bar menu, product category, promotion, and product detail. On search bar, we create engaging text to make it more comfortable for user. Also, we show all the product selection by using left navigation style. This style creates a clear experience to show product selection and enable user to search products faster. In order to attract user engagement to the website as well as to improve sales point, we make the promotion section with not only a single big image, but also with some different promotion in smaller size banner. At ACE Hardware website, we use red and white as the main color which in line with the corporate logo of ACE Hardware.

The website also provides inspiring contents such as Home DIY, Daily Solution, and Do & Don’ts which related on user daily activities. Through the inspiring contents, hopefully the user will have a better experience and gain more traffic for ACE Hardware website.

The result of designing ACE Hardware website into an E-Commerce based website

The existence of website is without a doubt one of the most important sales and marketing tools. Looking at the feature, design and the content of ACE Hardware website surely will gain more traffic, conversion and also help the company to raise its sales value.