Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) – WeCare
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: Upgrading the existing app feature

Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) is an automobile manufacturing company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a joint venture company between Daihatsu, Astra International, and Toyota Tsusho. ADM has been launched its WeCare mobile apps last year with our help as well. The purpose of this app is to maintain physical distancing in the office area and track contact history. ADM wants to upgrade its existing app features to improve services from management to employees through one application that accommodates all needs. Then there will be restrictions on features that can be accessed by non-employees. ADM also wants to integrate with HRIS. Besides that, ADM uses MsSQL as their database management system, so there will be a migration database from MySQL to MsSQL. Lastly, they want to create a survey form.

Solution: Upgrading and adding new features for a better performance

We upgraded and added some new features for the application such as creating a web-view feature. We also created an internal communication media for employees only like the "Broadcast Message" and "CS Hotline". The "Broadcast Message" is one-way communication from management to the employee with attachment to a specific user. Meanwhile, the "CS Hotline" is a two-way communication (messenger) for the employees to communicate directly with management. Furthermore, we added an "Employee Information" feature. This feature is supposed to be an information board about absence, medical reimbursement, and overtime working. Lastly, we create a new feature to spread survey forms to all employees.

Besides all the upgraded and new-added features, we did a database migration from MySQL to MsSQL and homepage adjustment layout. And due to budget concerns, we recommended the development using the web-view method (hybrid) instead of using the native method.

Result: A handful application to improve employees’ health

WeCare has successfully been a very handful application for all ADM employees because it contains super complete features: ranging from health assessments, physical distancing alerts, survey forms, messengers, to employee information.