Cemindo Gemilang
2021 - 2022
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: How to create an attractive information gate to increase public awareness regarding the company?

PT Cemindo Gemilang Tbk is a premium cement manufacturer from Indonesia. Through the Semen Merah Putih brand and their subsidiary in Vietnam, Chinfon Cement, Cemindo maintains their commitment to always produce top quality cement through their professional workforce and modern factories. As a large company, Cemindo Gemilang is preparing to be a listed company. Unfortunately Cemindo doesn't have a website yet.

Cemindo wants a website that can provide access to information disclosure to the government and investors. Cemindo hopes that the public can find various information about Cemindo more easily through this website. This is expected to increase public awareness about Cemindo.

Solution: Creating an attractive, informative, and user friendly company profile website

We developed a company profile website with a content management system and the latest technology so that website admins can easily manage the content. Besides that, we also design the Cemindo website according to the latest design trends, making it easier for users to view the content provided.

We believe that by developing a modern company profile website that is informative, user friendly and fulfills every visitor's needs, it will be easier for the public to know and understand Cemindo's business and company. Disclosure of information can also help investors to obtain information regarding the company's growth such as financial reports.

Result: A website capable of providing comprehensive information and supporting Cemindo's business has been created

The result of the collaboration between Suitmedia and Cemindo is the creation of a website which can be the main gateway for information for audiences in the form of the public, government and investors. The website is also user friendly making it easier for the audience when accessing it, so that the audience's interest in accessing information on the Cemindo website is also quite high. Moreover, the website was developed with a content management system, making it easier for the website admin to manage the information content on the website.