Dressing Point
E-Commerce Solutions

Challenge: How to bring the same experience of the offline store into the online store

Dressing point was started from the passion for expanding the Indonesian apparel brand presence and reach. It’s a combination of 5 Indonesian clothing brands for dynamic and fashionable women, including Simplicity, Graphis, Llaneza, Patroon, and Friday Identity. 

Realizing the shift in retail’s consumer behavior from offline shopping (visiting a shop and purchasing items) to online shopping (browsing through the virtual catalogue and making a purchase), has meant that many retailers are being forced to change or adapt, the way in which they sell their products. With that in mind, those 5 brands have been collaborating and wanted to take their marketing game to the next level by creating their first-ever e-commerce on one site and they tapped Suitmedia to make it happen. The challenge would be to create an e-commerce experience from scratch that would bring the same experience of their offline store into the online store - on any device.

Solution: Focus on creating features that will support sales

Yes, e-commerce is changing the fashion industry and it's time to catch up. The Internet has turned people into savvy online shoppers. There are also more people prefer to research information online before purchasing than to ask sales associates for information, that’s why e-commerce site sounds like a must for fashion brands.

To make an effective e-commerce site for the fashion business, appearance is crucial for obvious reasons. With that in mind, attractive design and stunning photography will make the products more appealing to visitors and increase sales. The design and layout we created are minimal to allow more emphasis on the products. We also featured huge photos as the primary focal point of the page. We bring the 5 brands with its own identity with different colors, look and feel, without making them contradictory to each other.

To bring the same experience of the offline store into the online store, we create functional features that will highlight offers of gift card, voucher, member point, option to pick product at store, and perhaps more importantly: the simplest journey to choose the clothes and seamless paths to conversion.

As the consumers use their mobile phone most of their time, it will be essential to maintain the quality of online experiences on smaller screens. For that reason, we designed a fully responsive and mobile friendly e-commerce site that beautifully presented and intuitively navigable product details. The products itself are always existing side-by-side with a clear call-to-action that is crucial to increase the chance of conversion. The new has been successfully increasing the brands’ presence and reach, also provides a convenient and stylish shopping experience that grows the all of the brands’ audience on every size screen.