Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
2015 - 2019
Web Development, UX & UI Design, Digital Advertising

Challenge: How to make the user get faster and easy to access information about stock exchange

Indonesia Stock Exchange is a merger between Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange in 2007. The effect of this merger is not just  change of a name, but also a stock representation that will accommodate and develop all Indonesia economics. The merger strives to herald a new era in the continuing growth of nation’s capital market.

Previously, Suitmedia had been cooperating with IDX to make optimization on their website as well as create a mobile app for IDX’s event, Yuk Nabung Saham’ microsite and IDX digital advertising. The collaboration went smoothly and gained success with ‘Yuk Nabung Saham’ reached 712.007 impressions and 63.243 engagements at the first ten days since its launch as well as the digital advertising of ‘Sekolah Pasar Modal’ which gained 1.073.745 impressions and 10.882 website clicks from 11th to 31st March 2016.

Now, we get another challenge to make the IDX website more optimized, faster, and easy-to access than before, thus it will maintain IDX position as the most attractive stock market in Southeast Asia and even the world.

Solution: Single point access that provides complete information about IDX with more effective mobile friendly design

Engage more user through mobile-friendly web design

Through the years, IDX realizes the important of giving complete access information about IDX, shares, news around IDX which designed in simple, easy to understand and the most important – easily access in the mobile device. The era of you need to focus on creating visually appealing only for laptops or desktops has gone, thus, Suitmedia decided to make improvement which focusing on mobile friendly optimization. As a result, the user gets the best UX with the new enhanced website. This also increases potential investors to get the most important information they needed to make decisions or to make them keep up on news that might affect the value of the companies they’re invested in. The mobile-friendly website also successfully navigates the stock demands accurate, up to minute information directly at your fingertips.

Faster in getting the needed information

At the homepage of, user easily can get the information of Market Overview, Stock Information, Top Stock, and latest News without having to access into submenu. The decision to make those information at the homepage is to give faster access as well as to keep up on the stock change that the user might have observed it for a few moment.

In addition to give easy user experience, the average page load also improved. The improvement is being made because the average internet user will abandon a webpage if it takes longer than three second to load. Thus, the design is optimized without lot of heavy components such as videos, photo, and galleries.

Supporting the Islamic Capital Market through IDX Syariah

The growth of Islamic finance in Indonesia has been dramatic in recent years. As the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia has the largest share of Islamic capital market in the world. To fulfill the need of information about Islamic Capital Market in Indonesia, the new website provides IDX Islamic page, containing Islamic Product, Islamic Stock Index, Islamic Based Transaction, Fatwa & Regulations about Islamic Capital Market and Islamic Capital Market Education. User can get information about the stocks that meet criteria of Islamic share selection based in OJK regulation as well as Islamic products such as Sukuk, Islamic Mutual Funds, and Islamic Exchange Traded Fund.

The result of designing IDX into a mobile friendly website

There is some creative ways for users to interact with website. However, the most important thing is how to create a mobile friendly design with easy navigation to ensure the user stick around to explore the website. With the new mobile friendly design, the has successfully gain more new user and create more traffic on the new website, proven by bounce rate under 45%, page/ session above 3, as well as average session duration reached > 4 minute. With good execution and strategy, we successfully help IDX to gain positive performances and maintain its position as the top market in Southeast Asia.